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May 23, 2007 04:53 PM

Croissants in Sonoma County

Recently returned from Paris, and am seeking croissants that come somewhere near what I got used to there - insanely crisp but never dry, tender but not wodgy, in short, ethereal. Can I find them in my county, does anyone know? Even better, in Petaluma? I've found an acceptable one, which I will include in a report once I have compared it to whatever else is available.

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  1. Have you tried Della Fattoria's croissants?

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      Della Fattoria's are also the best in San Francisco (on Saturdays during Ferry Plaza market hours).

    2. closest I ve had tothe real thing are at the french bakery on the square inthe town of Sonoma.

      1. Thanks for the suggestions - I will do a comparison (wistfully) and report back on the results of the research. Any other suggestions will also be included.

        1. We buy our croissants at Costco, and they are pretty close to Paris. Usually very fresh and buttery.

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          1. re: OldTimer

            Last time I bought Costco's croissants, admittedly a few years ago, they were about halfway between Safeway's and the real thing.

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              Check out the ingredient list on the ones from Costco! The are the opposite end of the spectrum from anything in Paris!

            2. Marsha, also wanted to mention the croissant au beurre at La Dolce V in Sebastopol. They're actually baked from frozen, supplied by Gourmet & More.

              Today I had a croissant from Downtown Bakery in Healdsburg. I think I like the dough better as pain au chocolat. Nice and butter with good flavor and crispness, but on the heavy side.

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              1. re: Melanie Wong

                Downtown Bakery's croissants are heavenly when split, buttered and pan-fried... this 8am-Sunday morning breakfast at the Downtown Bakery Cafe was truffled poached eggs on frisee and arugula served between that lovely split croissant...then, a walkthrough the antiques for sale in the Square and a 9am stop at Bovolo for ginger gelato and bacon baklava... I do love breakfast!

                1. re: Cynsa

                  You know, while I was munching on my croissant, I was thinking that it would be better suited for sandwich making. But can't complain much, I bought it at the 50% mark-down.

                  I did see the truffled eggs on the cafe's breakfast menu . . . along with the note that it doesn't serve on Tuesday and Wednesday. Huge disappointment that I couldn't have it for breakfast today.