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May 23, 2007 04:35 PM

Portland, ME Dinner for 10-20

Hi All,
We live in Boston and my husband is hosting a dinner for some colleagues/clients in Portland next month. Any recommendations???

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  1. VILLAGE CAFE.....
    great location, excellent food, easily accommodate your party, and extra large menu..... Its my choice.

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    1. re: irwin

      The Village is pretty basic Italian-American.
      How about the back room at Caiola's? Or would Bresca, which is tiny, give you the whole place for a single sitting?

    2. Talk to Paul at Portland's Restaurant and Bar. We've definitely got the space and the menu is broad enough to appeal to a wide range of palates.

      1. As noted, the Village Cafe is a mediocre Italian/American restaurant and that is being generous. Caiola's and Bresca are both good but are truly tiny, they may be able to accomdate 10 but it would be packed with 20. Portland's restaurant and Bar's wide range of plates go from steak to another type of steak, if that is your interest then it is not that bad - and yes they do have the space.

        My recs:
        I have had some great large dinners at Walter's. They have space upstairs to accommodate large parties and the food recently has been very good. The space is funky and right downtown and the prices are pretty good.

        Fore st., 555, and Hugo's are all large enough restaurants with excellent food but you would be picking up a very large check. However, if that is possible they are all fantastic restaurants.

        I am sure there are others that people will chime in with. Good luck.

        1. Recommendations depend entirely on what you are willing to pay. If you have the $$, definitely go to Fore Street--its reallly the premier Portland restaurant in my opinion. They also have a back room that can be set up for larger parties. I'd book as far in advance as you can--they tend to fill pretty quickly, esp. on weekends.

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          1. re: liveforfood

            Your near banquet-sized gathering will probably end up at either the Village Cafe or DiMillo's. Fore Street isn't really set up for gatherings of more than four-to-six, and - if money were an issue, could set someone back a couple of grand for twenty people! Another issue with Fore Street and Hugos is that if there are finicky eaters in your group (Hugos ESPECIALLY) it is quite possible that they won't be happy with the upper-end offerings on the menu.

            I am going to go out on a limb and suggest for a GROUP OVER TEN, that DiMillo's is probably your happiest medium for menu, price and function room.