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May 23, 2007 04:29 PM

(HOU) Thanksgiving Catering Question

We are expecting about 25 people for Thanksgiving at our house this year (last year it was just my husband, his parents, our 18 month-old and me!!). Needless to say, I am kind of concerned about cooking for 25 people. Does anyone know a place that can cater Thanksgiving dinners in the Houston area? We live out in Spring now, and I remember years ago that Rice Epicurean did T-Day dinners, but they aren't in our area any more. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. Thought I would try to re-visit this post, since its closer to Thanksgiving time now. I am thinking possibly HEB, Luby's or Central Market. Any other suggestions? We are cooking the turkeys ourselves (using the Cajun Injector w/ Creole Butter!!), and hoping to just pick up the sides from one of these places.

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      You say catering but you really mean to pick the food up?, not have the restaurant deliver it and serve it?

      I think most of the supermarket chains do Thanksgiving dinners and you can order just the sides since you're providing the main course. I've never done it but I think I'd go for a Kroger Signature store over an HEB. If you're coming all the way in to Central Market on Westheimer there's a Rice Epicurean right across Weslayan.

      You can search b4-u-eat for caterers and limit the search geographically but that will be restaurants to come to your place and set-up and serve, a lot more expensive than just picking it up.

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        In the Woodlands Town Center (near you in Spring) there is a Central Market/HEB hybrid that would probably do a great job for you on everything you might need. I know they had a nice variety of "Cafe-on-the-Run" items last time I was there. I was going to suggest Central Market on Westheimer, but Im sure you dont want to drive that far.

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          The Junior League used to have Thanksgiving dinner take outs. You might give them a call if you're interested.

    2. it would be pricey for 28, but I believe t'Afia has take out and has wonderful sides.