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May 23, 2007 04:15 PM

Dinner around 24th and 6th

Going to the cutting room this Friday on 24th and 6th Avenue. Looking for a good dinner place close by. Nothing fancy, preferably American or Italian. Would love any suggestions.

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  1. There's Ottimo on 24th & 5th which is Italian.

    1. Gramercy Tavern (tavern room)
      Giorgio's of Gramercy
      Red Cat
      Via Emilia
      Le Zie

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      1. re: Lucia

        tarallucci e vino, 18th bet 5th and broadway.

        1. re: winebitch

          Tarallucci & Via Emilia are both very good.
          BLT Fish is good, American Seafood. I believe it's on 18th Btwn 5th & 6th.

        2. re: Lucia

          Agree with Lucia's reccomendations, would add Markt as well to the list.

        3. If you like seafood, try Black Pearl. You'll have to look up the exact street, but it's in that vicinity. Excellent lobster roll and HUGE martinis!