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May 23, 2007 03:48 PM

New bakeries Adelaide/King East?

Wondering if anyone has tried Porh Pawh (I think?) in the Spire building at Adelaide/Church.

Also wondering if there any details of the patissiere going in on King St. East of Sherbourne?


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  1. I tried it on their first day open. I enjoyed the homemade banana muffin, but not the croissant. The coffee was mediocre. The service was very sweet though, and the owner seemed very excited because I was (I think) her first customer. A good breakfast option for fellow spire residents.

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      Just finished a piece of Chocolate cake from Porh Pawh. Very moist and not too sweet...perfect for me. We went there today, but the sign on the window said they were closed early for the Easter weekend. As we were peeking in the window, Estella the baker (and owner) saw us and apologized for closing early. After a very nice chat, we purchased samples of several of her items to try. Not at all fancy, not inexpensive, but homey and inviting. A place to keep in mind for wholesome baked goods.

    2. I just discovered Porh Pawh's and I really like it. I was thinking that I don't necessarily need my baked treats (such as the toblerone shortbread with ground oats and flax) to be healthy, but these items give standard items a run for their money - tasty and not so sweet! The owner is lovely and I can't wait to try some lunch items.

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        I'd only been once long ago and totally forgot about it. Maybe worth a visit again :)