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May 23, 2007 03:41 PM


Had the opportunity to go to Opus this past Saturday with my wife. We arrived at 10:30 pm and were seated immediately. I should note that even though we were the last ones to be seated, we were never rushed and the service was excellent.

To start we ordered a couple of dips, a thick and soft yogurt with drizzled honey and the other was a feta roasted poblano, to eat with the bread and tortilla chips that are served. Next came an appetizer of yellowtail sashimi piled on top of smashed avocado. We then had a half order each of strozzapreti pasta with a meat sauce and hand torn pasta with grapes. For a meat dish we ordered the beef short ribs with cream of wheat and vegetables (roasted beets, carrots, hericot verts and sauteed mushrroms) . We also ordered the braised pork belly; Unfortunately they were out of the pork belly, but it was desrcibed wonderfully by Josh (our knowledgeable informative and courteous waiter) as having a quince (or is it guava) and garlic paste and then slowly cooked until meltingly tender. Sweets were a strawberry shortcake with passion fruit-orange sorbet and another that I cannot recall but it had a kaffir lime ice cream.

The dips were excellent and a nice contrast to each other. We truly loved the strozapretti (literally priest strangler), a hollow chewy thick pasta with a slit running down the side that allows it to take on the sauce wonderfully. The torn pasta was not our favorite as it was a bit softer, maybe even mushy, but it was due to the cream based sauce I believe. The sashimi was fresh and real nice as the avocado was not a total puree but was chunky. Beef short ribs were very tender and the vegetables cooked perfectly, but the cream of wheat it was served with was not my favorite.

Overall, a great experience with great food, attentive service . Had two glasses of wine each--a grenache and a syrah--as well as coffee and one large bottle of water. 136.00 before tip. Will be back for that pork belly.

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  1. great review -- the pork belly / Octopus app was one of the best dishes i have ever had - place is great

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    1. re: radman123

      What's stopping me from ever eating there is the bar area - if you are allowed to smoke in the bar area, I can't imagine how it doesn't waft into the dining room???

      1. re: Bria Silbert

        It doesn't, there is no smoking in the bar area and the smoking lounge is a separate enclosed area off to the side of the dining room.

        1. re: Bria Silbert

          The smoking area is quite separate, you can request a table further awayif you are uber sensitive. Opus is the best bang-for-your-buck meal(of it's kind) I've had in L.A. Rumor is they need more business, so don't be shy, spread the word! $10 a course tasting menu is unbeatable!

          1. re: Bria Silbert

            This was a concern of mine too. I'm very sensitive to smoke. But we had a completely smoke-free meal. I think once for a very few brief seconds I could smell it when the doors were left open, but that was it. Not bad at all.