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May 23, 2007 03:08 PM

Been to Reza's on Clark lately?

My husband & I were at Reza's on Clark Saturday night & it was so busy as it usually is. Unfortunately the service was awful & we were so disappointed! We have been going there for about 14 yrs now & never had an experience such as this! We were there 20 mins before Mr. Reza came over to ask if we had our orders taken yet. After we said no, another 10 mins passed & his wife came by & asked us the same thing. Then she went & got a server for us. The server took our order & brought us our soup but forgot our appetizer (the soup was only 1/4 full, mind you). When we finally got her attention, she said she forgot. She brought out the appetizer but we were out of pita bread & she didn't stay long enough to tell her. The baba ghanouz was awful, like they just dumped it out of a can - no taste, my husband attempted to fix it by adding some salt & lemon. We didn't see her for a long time & while we were waiting, a bussboy asked us if we were finished. We said no, we're waiting for pita bread & one of the hostesses heard so she got some for us. It took about an hour after we got there before we finally got our dinner, we were so full from the pita & baba ghanouz that we ate a little & took the rest to go. In looking around, other tables were experiencing the same thing. It looked as if they were short help but there were plenty of servers there. It's as if nobody was in charge that night, the owners were there, but didn't seem that concerned.

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  1. I stopped going to Reza's years ago for the same reason - indifferent service (when you did get it) and the food was ok.

    I think Noon - o- Kebab at Lawrence and Kedzie is far better. The proprietor is nice and used to be a wrestler back in the day. Always sent us home with some free desserts if we happened to be eating there late. The kebabs are juicier than Reza's even though the menu is simpler. And the fresh feta cheese is fabulous!

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      Thanks for the tip. We live in WI & are not familiar w/other same type restaurants except for Pita Inn, but that's more of a "fast food" place, although it's pretty good.
      Any recs are greatly appreciated.

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        I actually thought Reza's started to go downhill before 9-11, when they first remodeled (hard to believe that was so long ago). Anyhow, for a very nice sit down Persian restaurant on the far north-side, you should try Cafe Suron on Pratt. It is BYOB. Do a search on the name for more info.

    2. I live a block from there, and after several bad experiences will never go back. The service is lackluster on a good day, and I think the food is really dry a lot of the time. I would rather go around the corner to the little falafel stand on Foster than eat at Reza's.

      1. Interesting that you should say this because we have been going to Reza's for 16 years and have recently sworn off after several terrible meals. Even the lentil soup, which I thought was unstoppable, was blah and tasteless. The Sunday brunch, to which we took guests, was embarrassing and the weekday buffet has been worse (after three recent tries)---less variety, poor quality. As for the service, soon after the political situation got bad after 9-11 we noticed that all of the young Iranian men in black suits who used to dash around with trays held overhead had been replaced by young men and women who appeared to be Polish or Croatian or Hispanic or Anything But Iranian. When I asked one of them what had happened to the Iranian waiters she said, "They all to their country back have went". So maybe that's what happened to the service. I just hate to see all of this because we used to love Reza's.

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          I live in the neighborhood and friends keep dragging me in there. Like Lulubelle I have a place I prefer; Andes a few doors south.
          Reza's was much better when I first moved in the area (15 years ago) but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone these days.