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May 23, 2007 02:56 PM

Good sushi in Manhattan

Visiting Manhattan soon and looking for recommendations for good sushi - any help appreciated. Thanks Gordo

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  1. sushi samba in midtown is great (i can't remember the exact location, sorry!!), as is ruby foo's (the UWS location, not the times square spot...and i'll probably get ripped a new one for mentioning ruby foo's, but it really was yummy!).

    1. Matsuri on West 16th Street is a dramatic space and I have had good sushi there. Takahachi, on Reade Street, is a more intimate space with very good food. Yama, on Carmine Street, has a Chirashi Deluxe main dish that I have returned for a few times. NYC has dozens of very good places for sushi. You may get more useful recommendations if you specify either the neighborhood or price range of your choice.