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Romantic NYC Restaurant?

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Celebrating wedding anniversary this weekend - looking for someplace really special but not stuffy. Any suggestions?

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  1. If you provide your budget range and cuisine or location preference, that will help others to give your more appropriate suggestions.

    1. Some that I like: Top of the Town, Water's Edge, Tavern on the Green, One if by Land, Fleur de Lis.

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        Most Hounds would agree that the food at Tavern on the Green and at OIBL is mediocre at best.

        I've never heard of Top of the Town or Fleur de Lis. Where are they located, and what kind of food do they serve?

      2. Vice Versa.
        Sophisticated, romantic, delicious food, great ambience, good service, cool bar.
        A winnah!

        1. Bouley. Sit in the red room.

          1. About $200 with drinks is my budget. Thanks!

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              Hard to say without knowing what you find romantic (one person's romantic is another's treacly, yes?), but in your price range I'd suggest The House in Gramercy Park, Public in Nolita or Savoy in SoHo. None of these are at all stuffy and the food is pretty good at all of them. Happy anniversary!

            2. High End: Daniel, Fleur de Sel, Annisa
              Mid-Range: Tableau, Danal

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                  annisa...can any other place fit the bill better than annisa? i think not.

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                    I agree - Annisa is romantic in a wonderfully contemporary way, with great food. And if one is compelled to do traditional romantic, a glass of champagne at OIBL might slake that quench.

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                      I second Fleur de Sel, though their lunch prix fixe offers much more in terms of value. It may not be the most romantic room in the city, but it has this subdued charm with impeccable service.

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                        The one time (admittedly at least a year and a half ago, but I've read nothing to indicate much change in the style of the cuisine or anything else) I had a prix fixe lunch there with my mother and brother, none of us were impressed by the room or the food. I realize that others are impressed by the place, but I would highly suggest that lbf do a Google image search of the room or go to their website, and decide whether that matches his/her definition of "romantic."

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                  IMO La Vagna is more romantic than Tableau. How is Danal these days? I haven't been in awhile.

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                    FYI, in case anyone will try to search for more information about Lavagna, note that it is one word, and means "Blackboard." "Vagna" isn't a word in Italian, or at least not a common word. (From wordreference.com: "We found no English translation for 'vagna' in our Italian to English Dictionary.")

                    And yeah, it's romantic, not stuffy, but whether it's special enough for a wedding anniversary would have to depend on the couple. I don't think it would be my choice for that kind of a special occasion - more like a very pleasant romantic date.

                3. Loved L'Imperio in Tudor City. Weather permitting, the outdoor seating is divine. Let us know what you decide and how it was!!

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                    I agree with you that the outdoor terrace at L'Impero is charming and romantic. However, Chef Scott Conant left on May 17th, and incoming Chef Michael White is not scheduled to arrive for a few weeks. Therefore, I think it's possible that the quality of the cuisine could suffer, so I'd hesitate about recommending it right now, especially for an anniversary celebration.

                  2. We highly recommend Da Enzo Ristorante at 494 ninth ave near 38th. Enzo is a great host. The service is really wonderful. The food is authentic Sicilian food, not your standard Italian restaurant food. We dined there for the first time last week. We had two of the pasta specials which were excellent. Their wine prices are reasonable too. They serve our favorite gelato in NYC. We tried every flavor that they offered that night. Do not miss the Amaretto cookies that come with the coffee, the cookies are excellent. The room is very nice with murals on the walls and ceiling. There was a vase of beautiful, fresh white roses on each table. You will love the service. Enzo will ensure that you have a wonderful dining experience.

                    1. We decided Aureole...thoughts?

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                        Do not consider it romantic, but the food is good.

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                          It's been awhile since I went (for a birthday celebration). Food was very good. Didn't consider it particularly romantic. Not a place I had a desire to return to.