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May 23, 2007 02:44 PM

Omaha for the College World Series

Well, I'm hoping my team makes it and I get to go watch them, and so I'm doing some planning. Who can recommend places to eat at for the "true Omaha experience"? (I'd also like some things to see/do when not watching baseball.) Thanks in advance.

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  1. Well you could go to Gorat's, Warren Buffet's place, but word is they don't age their own steaks anymore and buy from Omaha Steaks. For aged steaks I 'd go for Anthony's on 72nd, for prime rib go to Piccolo Petes or steaks at Cascios; many of the good italian-owned steak houses have closed the last couple years. The best place to eat in the Old market remains M's Pub and the Upstream Brewing Co, and there are scores of dive/ethnic places that have excellent food. THE party headquarters remains Pauli's on 41st and Leavenworth for the CWS.

    1. Where are you staying? For now I'll focus on places near the stadium, I can give more specific recco's later if you need. Try Dinker's for a great burger in a local neighborhood bar. The Donut Stop on 13th street is open from 9 pm to 9am if you find your self in need of a donut at 3am. The elderly couple that run it are a hoot--well worth the visit! As RW said, the Old Market district will have just about any kind of food you're looking for...

      1. I am staying downtown. Thanks for the replies thus far. More would be appreciated...

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          Bohenian Cafe is a traditional choice, and a neat experience for visitors. We hit it once a visit back to the big O.
          Not far from the CWS either.
          You've also got Joe Tess' Fish Place for local color.

          Omaha loves the CWS, so be prepared for fun.
          here's my friend Steve's blog from last year....

        2. Good recommendations!. Sticking with the downtown theme... totally agree on M's, also great French at La Buvette on 11th St., and my favorite breakfast at Louis M's Burger Lust on 16th and Vinton. Best steak in Omaha right now is at the Drover on 73rd and Mercy Rd. Ted and Wally's in the Old Market has fantastic, unique ice cream too!
          Hope you enjoy Omaha!

          1. Downtown:

            V Mertz Restaurant
            (402) 345-8980
            1022 Howard St
            - Probably the best high-end spot in the area.

            Flatiron Cafe
            (402) 344-3040
            1722 Saint Marys Ave
            - The other best high-end spot in town.

            Ahmad's Persian Cuisine
            (402) 341-9616
            1006 Howard St
            - Probably the most unique dining experience in the Old Market. I think it's a little pricy for what you get - but the food is always, always great.

            Indian Oven
            (402) 342-4856
            1010 Howard St
            - One of the best Indian spots in town. Make reservations if going for dinner. Small selection of some nice single-malt scotches, too.

            Liberty Tavern at the Hilton - Omaha
            (402) 998-4321
            1001 Cass St
            - Contemporary American by one of Omaha's better chefs. Definitely not what I'd expect to find in a hotel in Omaha, of all places.

            and outside of downtown:

            Malara's Italian Restaurant
            (402) 346-8001
            2123 Pierce St
            - Great home-style Italian food. Everything is homemade - sauce, sausage, meatballs and fresh pasta. Just like nonna used to make.

            El Alamo
            (402) 731-8969
            4917 S 24th St
            - One of the better Mexican restaurants in town that is still highly authentic, but habla Espanol is optional.