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May 23, 2007 02:40 PM

steak with wild mushroom sauce in San Diego?

Any suggestions on places to go for steak with wild mushroom sauce in San Diego? The only place I've found so far is PAMPLEMOUSSE GRILLE in Del Mar. It's really good there but I would like to try other places.

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  1. JRDN in pacific beach does something like this. You could also try Cafe Chloe or Tartine. And of course theres always Mortons and Ruth Chris.

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    1. re: bythenumbers

      Was just at Cafe Chloe and they don't have steak w/ wild mushroom sauce. Their steak comes w/ frites.

    2. Try Red Tractons, just east of Pamplemousse on the same side of the street. It's kind of an old-fashioned steak house than that has large portions (okay to split), Try the lobster bisque. We like to eat in the bar.

      1. i have a great recipe if you want to make it... filet mignon with a morel mushroom cream sauce. i used dried morels since the fresh are $$$$ and i could not find them in SD.

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          Whole Foods had fresh morels a week or two ago.

          1. re: daantaat

            What I never understand is why are morels and chanterelles are so expensive ? The cheapest I have seen any of them are $30/lb. I can only compare this to prices in Europe where you get them both for $8-9/lb and often cheaper. Are these prices just high in SD or everywhere in the US ?

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              Really??? I looked online to order them but shipping was as much as the 1 lb. i bought a pack of dry ones at Harvest Ranch but i will call Whole Foods.

              1. re: Ela0427

                Dry ones are reasonable priced at WholeFoods, Ralphs etc. but I often need fresh ones but I am not willing to pay >$30/lb

        2. The Hunter Steakhouse in Oceanside (intersection of the 78 and the 5) has a mean forest mushroom sauce that you can pair with any of their steaks (good for dipping fries in, too!). They're no Ruth's Chris, but if you're looking for excellent prime rib and nice, USDA choice steaks for a reasonable price, they're a very safe bet!

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          1. re: CatePoole

            Thanks for the tip! I have driven by that place many times and have been wanting to try it.