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May 23, 2007 02:34 PM

Martha's Vineyard - need restaurant recs!

Heading to the "Vineyard" for the first time.

Looking for two nice restaurants (fine dining) and one casual seafooder (think "chowda" and lobster rolls).

Also, any lunch spots, ice cream places, watering holes, etc.

I've been told the Sweet Life Cafe is terrific, and also Atria and Larsons for seafood.

Help, please!

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  1. The Park Corner Bistro in Oak Bluffs is very nice, if somewhat pricey. We've had a couple of very good meals there in the last couple of years. Pretty room, good service.

    1. Their are a lot of good rest. on the Vineyard, so your chances of picking something deserving is high. Here's a couple: Nice: SweetLife in OB.
      Casual: Hometown in Menemsha.
      These are just a couple, their are a lot more. When you get there pick up a local paper, a ton of adds will await you.

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        I've been loving Detente in Edgartown my past few visits. Gorgeous, locally-inspired offerings. Prices are a bit steep, but aren't they all on the island?

      2. Love love love the Art Cliff Diner in Vineyard Haven for breakfast .... love love love Linda Jeans in Oak Bluffs for breakfast - I mention both because not sure where you are staying.

        David Ryan's is a great watering hole in Edgartown as is the upper deck at the Shanty - if the weather is nice. Also both good for lunch or casual dinner. Loved Cafe Moxie in Vineyard Haven - note it BYOB. The only towns you can get a drink are Oak Bluffs and Edgartown - rest of Island is dry. Loved the restaurant at the Inn at Blueberry Hill - Theos?

        The restauarnts along the harbor in Oak Bluffs are a good place to grab casual lunch as you describe - I'd walk along and see what you fancy. Very nice views.

        Also enjoyed the meal I had a Detente but it is VERY pricey

        1. Larson's is terrific! It's a fish market not a restaurant but you can get takeout and walk just a short distance to the beach to eat. I don't remember exactly what they had for takeout because we usually bought stuff to cook up at the cottage but they have the usual chowders and bisques and lobster dinners, steamers, etc. Right up the street is a little takeout stand that I think is called the Clam Stop or something similar. Had decent fried clams there several times. They're both in Menemsha which is out of the usual touristy areas but well worth it. An island bus drops you off practically in front of Larson's if you don't want to drive. One of the touristy but cool things to do is to get dinner at Larson's and sit on the beach to watch the sun go down.