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May 23, 2007 02:29 PM

3 nts in Vegas L'Atelier vs. Alex?

Hi All,
I am planning 3 business dinners for a party of 7 for early June. Focus is amazing food and good/varied atmosphere. I have my eye on L'Atelier and Alex but want a variety in cuisine and experience. I know the atmospheres are totally different but is the style of food too similar to pair in the same trip? We will be staying at TheHotel at Mandalay Bay...and need our first dinner at Mandalay Bay based on varying travel schedules and ease of meeting up. I'm thinking RM Seafood but would love suggestions if there is a better alternative. If you agree to do either L'Atlelier or Alex rather than both...i'd love an Italian restaurant suggestion...I see good reviews for Bartolotta but see their focus is on seafood which we will already cover at RM and if we go to Alex it would be nice to experience a new hotel scene...B&B in Venetian is getting good reviews for food but irratic service? Has anyone been lateley is it getting better? We will be off the strip for business meetings and I chose Firefly and Dragonfly for lunch options on two days because we wanted something within walking distance. Has anyone been lately are they still good? Thanks all---in advance for your advice.

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  1. L'Atelier and Alex both serve French inspired food, but their menus are very different, and they provide completely different dining experiences. They're both excellent, but I'm not sure that L'Atelier will work for a business dinner with seven people. The action at L'Atelier is at a food counter, which may not be a good match for seven people. There are also a few tables, but I believe the largest seats four people.

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      Thanks Larry,
      When I called L'Atelier they said they would be able to set a separate table up for us for 7 people. Though it sounds like sitting at the counter is half the fun of the experience...perhaps I should save this for another time when I go with 1 or 2 people.

    2. I haven't been to RM Seafood and would be interested to hear about it. At Mandalay Bay, our first choice is Fleur de Lys. Lovely Cal-French, stunning room, absolutely appropriate for a food-centric business meal.

      I agree with Larry about L'Atelier's atmosphere. We really didn't enjoy our meal there very much either, but others here love it. We haven't eaten at Alex - friends did and they loved it, for now we've decided not to spend the $. I can highly recommend Bartolotta if you decide against RM for the seafood focused meal. I might be one of the only people who posted here about B&B who didn't have service issues, and we were there just a few days after the official open. It wasn't exactly the smoothest but there weren't any glaring errors. We're going again in July. If you want a steakhouse then Craftsteak at MGM would be a great choice for your group.

      1. the atmosphere at alex and l'atelier couldn't be more different, tho the food at both is terrific. for a business meeting, alex is the better choice by far, but expect $1,500 for 7 people. bartolotta is outstanding.