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May 23, 2007 02:24 PM


I will be attending a graduation at Swarthmore in the next couple of weeks. I wish to arrange for a nice Sat. nite dinner for 6 people. After reviewing Chowhound, I have concluded that the rests. in the immediate vicinity of Swarthmore are not of interest. Is anyone able to suggest a VERY GOOD rest. in Phil. that would be a reasonably short drive (30 min. or less) from Swarthmore? I am unfamiliar with Philadelphia so I do not know which of the highly rated rests. would be most easily reached from Swarthmore, if any. Cost is not a consideration if food/service quality warrants the cost. Open to all cuisines except Japanese. A reasonably quiet ambience (one in which table conversation can be heard without difficulty) would be preferred.
Thanks to all responders.

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  1. I'd suggest Marigold Kitchen. It's in University City, you could just take the Baltimore Pike east all the way to 45th St, Marigold is at 45th and Larchwood, though there are lots of traffic lights on the Baltimore Pike as I'm sure you know. I still don't think it would take longer than 30 minutes.

    1. I'll second Marigold Kitchen. BYO.

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        It is going to take longer than 30 min to get from Swat to West Philadelphia where Marigold is--though I recommend it as well. I was there last week and it was delightful. It might be difficult getting a reservation on a Saturday night though.

      2. Thank you for the recommendation of Marigold but it has no available reservations for dinner. Any other suggestions?

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          Why not avoid the traffic jams of going to Phila from Swarthmore on a Saturday night and consider a suburb less than 1/2 away?

          I highly recommend Pond in Radnor for fine food, landscaping that is simply stunning, and it is a white tablecloth, elegant place. Reservations a must!

        2. If you're visiting Philadelphia, you really should experience one of our many good center city restaurants. Much as I wish it were different, the restaurants in the suburbs cannot compare (with some few exceptions - Alba in Malvern being one). Come to think of it, Malvern isn't all that far from Swarthmore. You may have trouble getting a reservation, however. This board is full of recommendations for very good places in center city.

          1. I know you said you were opposed to Japanese, but Margaret Kuo's in Media has excellent Chinese food as well, and is certainly the nicest restaurant in the immediate Swarthmore vicinity. On a Saturday late afternoon/early evening, taking the Pike all the way to West Philly will take at least 45 minutes. You would be better off just taking 95 and trying a place deeper into the city that is more accessible from the interstate. Little Fish is just a few blocks off of 95 and is really really delicious. It's where my parents took me for my Swat graduation. Street parking is relatively easy as well, which is no trivial thing.