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May 23, 2007 02:21 PM

dinner for foodie 13 year olds in buckhead?

traveling with 3 13 yr olds-eating one night at Restaurant Eugene, want something more fun and relaxed another night-BluePointe?

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  1. Buckhead Diner? It's comfort, diner food with an upscale twist. I think it might fit the bill for foodies who are looking for a fun, relaxed spot. I love the homemade potato chips with Maytag blue cheese!

    1. Portofino isn't necesssarily relaxed, but really good food.
      Buckhead Diner is a good suggestion.
      Eclipse di Luna is tapas - fun, music, etc - that might be in the "relaxed" category.

      1. I think you will enjoy Restaurant Eugene. It is absolutely my favorite place of its kind in Atlanta. I think 13 year old foodies will be very welcome there and will enjoy themselves.

        I would recommend against Blue Pointe. I haven't been knocked out by it. Plus, I wouldn't consider it particularly fun nor relaxed. I would suggest you check out the boards for the opinions of others if you haven't yet. I think the posts are probably pretty mixed.

        The Buckhead Diner is a great suggestion. You may also want to consider Kyma for good Greek food. Could be a fun, new and interesting experience for 13 year old foodies. Having said that, it isn't as relaxed as Buckhead Diner.

        Let us know what you chose and how you liked your meals.

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          Thanks. I took one of the 13 year olds to Rest. Eugene and she requested that we return. Think I will try Buckhead Dinner or Eclipse di Luna.