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May 23, 2007 02:16 PM

Favourite Veggie Dish?!

Hey guys I'm curious to know what your favorite veggies dishes are from a restaurant?!?

Does not have to be a veg-only place.

My Favs would be:

Gourmet Vegetarian Restaurant - the Pineapple Chicken Balls (all veggie)
Fionn McCool's - Veggie Burger
Burrito Boyz - Bean Burrito

Those are the dishes I 'crave' from time-to-time.

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  1. There's a good oyster mushroom dish at Terroni's called Funghi Assoluti. Essentially it's baked mushrooms on arugula. No need to have it out though - it's ridiculously easy to make yourself.

    1. Veggie Plates at various Shawarma/ Falafel places....

      Today at Le Gourmet on Yonge north of Lawrence, I had a great veggie plate with 2 stuffed grapeleaves, 2 falafel, 2 salads, roasted potatoes, pickled turnips, hummous, tahini and hot sauce.

      I also like the salad plate at Yummi's, where you get to pick 5 salads/dips.

      1. There is a stirred mushroom dish at the gourmet veg. rest. (west beaver creek and 7) that you can die for. Never mind that the whole menu is veg.

        1. Do you eat in Indian restaurants? they have many veggie dishes. My favourite dish is saag paneer. It's madewith mustard greens but more commonly spinach is used. Paneer is a type of home-made cheese which is very mild and there are chunks of it floating in the the creamy, spicy spinach. Add a chapati and it's a meal. I used to like the Sheri Punjab version but that reataurant has gone sadly downhill. Next time you want to be adventurous, check it out.

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            "Fish and Chips" from Fressen.
            Tofu skins wrapped with asparagus, carrots and "ham" from Vegetarian Haven.

          2. for some Toronto ideas.

            My all-time favourite is Indian vegetarian, particularly anything with paneer. I crave tandoori paneer at Cuisine of India on Yonge, or paneer with peas at Banjara.