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May 23, 2007 02:12 PM

Is Ciao Bella any good?

I remember CB from years ago and was wondering if I should revisit...

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    1. re: BBHound

      Wow, thanks for the extensive review.

      1. re: jmo9

        Nothing else really needs to be said. Like my father used to say, "NO" means "NO".

        1. re: jmo9

          No succinctly answers your question.

          1. re: icculus

            Hey, at least they're consistent and maintain the same poor standards..:)

        2. I'll enthusiastically echo the naysayers here. Generic pasta dishes at very best, easily outdone by a whole host of Italian places in the North End and elsewhere. Overpriced, too. It does have outdoor cafe seating on Newbury Street, but that's about all that's good about it.

          1. I've never tried the food, but we walked in there once after years of curiosity and bailed out because no one acknowleged us standing there. Meanwhile, it sunk in the place looked surprisingly run down on the inside and in need of a makeover. I've heard it's linked to Daisy's downstairs and one or the other was going to expand into the other's space.

            1. Terrible service, absolutely terrible. Food is mediocre at best. The famous chop should be famous for being one of the most over-hyped entrees in the city. I don't often post hyperbolic negative feedback but my handful of visits have been consistently wretched.

              1. Ciao Bella is the kind of place that gives Newbury Street dining a bad name. Bad food, lousy service, high prices. To be fair, I haven't eaten there in years, but it still looks like the kind of joint that survives on its patio. Daisy Buchanan's downstairs: a hard-drinking meat-rack kind of place, a bit scary. Walk swiftly and steadily away.