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May 23, 2007 01:38 PM

Good Softshells at Jane

The special last night. I liked it a lot - the crabs tasted much better and fresher to me than the ones at NY Noodletown. I think they were breaded in parmesan mixture and lightly fried. Two crabs, served on top of sauteed sliced asparagus, cherry tomatoes, and mushrooms (the veggies were a little heavy on the butter for my taste). My date had a really nice seared tuna salad with a lot of fresh spring veggies. I like that place.

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  1. thanks for the tip; looking for other good soft-shell dishes in the coming weeks . . . anyone else?

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    1. re: bigjeff

      Last Tuesday or Wednesday I was at Savoy in Soho and they had it on the regular menu. The crabs were great, as were the sweet potatoes, but I didnt care for the accompanying greens: a little too heavy with a mustard based dressing considering the other ingredients; I would have preferred something lighter and more refreshing in the vein of cole slaw. Nevertheless, I cant ever turn down big juicy soft shells. Despite the nitpicking, the dish did not disappoint.

      1. re: mengathon

        I had them at Pigalle the other night-they were disappointing!

      2. re: bigjeff

        On Sunday I had some very tasty southeast-asian style ones at Cafe Asean (W 10th b/w 6th & Greenwich in the west village). Came with a tasty coconut milk sauce (I got it on the side as I was worried it'd overwhelm the crabs, but it was quite good) and some bok choy/okra saute on the side. $17 if I remember correctly. (But warning: the service was unbearably slow as they were totally understaffed. It's a shame as the place is a real neighborhood find that's not too crowded - very rare in w vill these days - but they haven't kept up w/recent surge in demand. If you don't mind waiting,though, it's a great spot.)