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May 23, 2007 01:35 PM

What to order at a Thai restaurant?

Can you guys gime tips on what to order at a Thai restaurant (like the ones in the tenderloin: Osha, thai house exprss, king of thai, etc.?

I live close to the area, so there are very many thai joints cloeby.

I however, always order the same stuff to be safe(getting tired of my choices) and want to try somethingnew (and good).

I have tried the fried chicken (not really good), roast duck fried rice, and crying tiger(sliced steak)

I am more into meat/rice dishes, also into japanese curry (there are too many thai curries, which are good?), but if there is a fantastic noodle o r other dish, im game.

thx :)

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    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. i think the most popular dishes are pad thai (noodles with some chicken and egg and shrimp tossed in a sweetish sauce) and green curry (coconut milk curry with a bit of spice).

        I also really like panang curry (also cocunut milk - but with a peanut flavor) and chili/mint shrimp - which is just what it sounds like.

        1. my favorite thing to order is a braised pork dish with greens and a hard boiled egg, served over jasmine rice. The pork has a salty/sweet quality, is exceedingly tender, and the egg is stained brown from the braising liquid, which incidentally is redolent of star anise and coriander...

          at my local place its just called pork leg over rice. but its worth a try if you see it at your local.

          1. What you should order at a Thai restaurant is whatever that particular restaurant specializes in. You need to open up your chowhound senses and use every clue available to figure out what that might be. Start by asking where the cooks are from in Thailand and order those regional specialties. Pad thai is the most popular dish but is rarely done well, so you're probably wasting calories and the opportunity to eat something much better.