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May 23, 2007 01:30 PM

Tips..What to order at a Korean restaurant? [moved from SF Bay Area board]

I live close to geary and fillmore, so there are 3 pretty decent korean joints cloeby.

I however, always order the same stuff (getting tired of my choices) and want to try somethingnew (and good).

I have tried the typical "combo" plates (bbq pork, chicken or beef), kalbi/shrtribs, bibimbap, and also the seafood pancakes and some red colored soup which i didnt like too much (i think it was a kimchi soup).

I am more into meat/rice dishes, but if there is a fantastic noodle o r other dish, im game.

thx :)

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  1. Naengmyon - Summer treat, buckwheat noodle in an iced broth topped with shredded beef, cucumber, and a medium to hard boiled egg.
    Jap Jae (chop che, jjap jae, and other various spellings) Korean "clear" noodle made from sweet potato starch, stir fried with meat (usually beef) and fresh veggies like green onion, slivered carrot, mushrooms, and spinach.
    Ja Ja Myun (Cha ja myun, ja jang myun, and other spellings) Koreanized chinese dish - Noodles in black bean sauce, served with pickled daikon and topped with shredded cucumber and maybe a boiled egg.
    Ojingo Bokum - stir fried squid and veggies.
    Any BBQ meat dish with Ssam - lettuce, cabbage, or other edible leaves with gochujang.
    So, so much more.

    1. Good idea to branch out in the meat/rice department, as Korean cooking takes both to a new level. I had a braised oxtail with dates and ginkgo nuts that was amazingly good and tender recently, but don't remember the name. Find out if they do the Korean fried chicken that is so trendy right now.

      If they do the Korean Chinese food, try that for a change - the ja jiang myun mentioned below is great, plus tang su yook (sweet and sour chicken, don't recall the pork version's name) or jjam bong (very spicy seafood soup).

      1. There's yuk gae jhang, a spicy garlicky soup made with shredded beef and scallions. So good on cold winter day with rice. I also love soon tofu, a casserole made with soft cloud-like tofu and seafood/meat, etc. You may also want to try yook hwe, a Korean-style steak tartare garnished with a raw egg yolk and strips of Asian pear. It's really refreshing on a summer day. I also like hwe dup bap, a derivative of bi bim bop except it's made with raw fish and fresh veggies topped with a fermented bean paste sauce spiked with rice vinegar. Another favorite summertime treat. Have you also tried the kalbi steamed (kalbi jim)? It's fantastic.