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May 23, 2007 01:25 PM

Unique Dining Experiences?

Hi all,

I had an incredible dinner for my Aunt's birthday recently in NYC. What added to the whole experience was that we ate dinner in a wine cellar. Does anyone know of a restaurant in Boston that does such a thing? If not, any other "unique" ideas? I'm trying to plan for my wife's bday in August, and want to get a head start. Thanks in advance.



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  1. The Federalist uses a wine cellar for private parties but not for normal patrons.

    Ruth's Chris has a number of interesting spaces, including an old vault, that might work.

    Locke-Ober in the main first floor dining room is a great experience.

    The Oak Room at the Copley Plaza is also unique.

    1. There is a delicious restaurant in Arlington (on Mass Ave near the Capitol Theatre) that used to be a bank. You can do small groups in what used to be the vault. Unfortunately I'm totally forgetting the name. Flora perhaps? Hoping another hound can fill in the blanks.

      Another fun aspect of the layout is the open kitchen along what used to be the rows of tellers, IIRC.

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        Yep, that's Flora. I haven't been in a long time but I remember enjoying the brunch.

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          four of us had dinner at flora a couple of weeks ago - it was really wonderful. Great food, excellent service and a very nice atmosphere. The cielings are very high, but somehow they have managed to avoid the cavernous, loud acoustics that usually go with such architecture. One of the most satisfying meals we've had out in a while.(based on food quality + service + price + overall look and feel)

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            Agreed on all points. We go to Flora once every two weeks. Bob and Mary Jo Sargent have a great thing going there and treat their clientele to wonderful service (laid back but elegant at the same time!), excellent seasonal and regional ingredients and a very reasonably priced wine list. Personable, intelligent servers have excellent food and wine knowledge, and the flowers and the angel fish in the large tank add to the aesthetic!!! I

        2. La Campania in Waltham has a glass wine room that I believe has a table to reserve - either 4 or 6 people? Friends have done it, and say it's quite cool in there, so even if it's super-hot outside, remember to bring a sweater or jacket.

          1. I know Silks in Tynsboro (which is quite a hike out of the City), used to have dinners in their wine cave. They have a huge wine library.

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            1. Surprised no one's said L'Espalier yet whose dining rooms are very unique, and will be moving next year. Teatro used to be a synagogue wasn't it, interesting room. And there's always the lighthouse place in Newburyport if you've got $350 plus wine.