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May 23, 2007 01:23 PM

Anyone been to Wilson recently?

I haven't been since Valentine's. Wondering how it is lately. Thx.

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  1. Yes... it's still very busy, but it's really uneven with the food and the service is getting really spooty...

    For example... We LOVED the grilled Octopus dish, but the pork belly was the most vile dish I've had in YEARS. And I've been to some pretty shady places in the recent past... LOL! This was just UNEDIBLE. I pushed it to the side of the table and busser came to take it away and didn't say much about it. The waiter never brought it up and we were charged for it.

    Now, I did not expect myself not to be charged since I technically didn't say anything, but I've been to MUCH nicer (And more down scale) places where at least they have noticed a barely touched plate and have said something about it or at least came by to check in to see how the meal was going so then I COULD say something without looking demanding. :P This guy through the whole night seemed just completely disinterested...

    Anyway, for our main we had another split results. SO's fish was wonderful, but my Ragu was BEYOND salty... Again, no checking up except to drop off the check...

    In the end we decided it was not worth it, and instead of getting steamed about it, we decided to vote with our wallet and feet, not to order dessert and never come back again...


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      Thanks. I just got reservations at Fraiche so we are going to try that. The last couple times I went to Wilson I had this weirdo waiter that I didn't like and the very last time I was there the hostess asked us to get up and move to another table so that she could use the table we were at to create a 4 top. This was after we'd been served water and bread.

      1. re: Dommy

        That's too bad about the food. The food was always excellent, every time I went, but it's been a few months.
        The service, however was awful starting day one, and still awful the last time I was there. So I guess that hasn't changed, unfortunately.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. I like Wilson. The food tends to be unusual and flavorful, even if it always work. I don't find the service to be "bad" per se, but it's rather casual given the price points. (You could say the same about the Swingers-esque decor).

        2. Yes... VERY disappointed. My partner and I wanted to try this new place based on reviews here and other boards. We went there for lunch yesterday after enjoying the Culver City Art Walk. It was a bit crowded, and maybe that affected the service... however:

          - service was REALLY bad. Slow, inattentive. Several patrons nearby had to go and find the waiter to order, get their bill, etc.
          - paid $2 each for Arnold Palmers, nobody ever came by to refll...
          - we asked for a spoon, was curtly told by the waiter "one minute"
          - had to ask for bread... arrived with no butter, oil/vinegar, etc

          I ordered the chuck burger with short rib chili. So salty I could barely eat it... left about 1/2 on the plate, was never asked by the waiter if the food was OK.

          Partner ordered pasta with almonds, tomatoes and garlic. Boring, not flavorful. So easy, how could this dish be so bland???

          Too expensive, lousy service. We will NOT be going back.

          Still searching for that elusive great LA foodspot.

          1. I was there last Saturday and really enjoyed my meal. The charred octupus salad is one of the best dishes - I keep thinking about it.

            Some things are really good and a few others don't work (like mumsy's pasta carbonara with a hint of lemon; the lemon overwhelmed a dish that doesn't need any enhancement).

            My only problem is that everytime I go there I spend nearly $100 when it feels like I should be spending more like $60-$70. On the other hand the octopus salad is nearly $20 and worth every cent.