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May 23, 2007 01:21 PM

Two lunches - San Diego to Carlsbad?

The weekend after Memorial Day, I am flying into San Diego to attend a 25-year reunion in Carlsbad. That leaves me two lunches; one on Saturday after I have arrived and one on Sunday, before I fly back to San Francisco.

I lived in San Diego almost 15+ years ago; back then, a happy lunch for me was Ichiban in Hillcrest followed by a slice of cake at Extraordinary Desserts. Or Ida Bailey's in the Gaslamp (where I first remember having raspberry vinaigrette!) I was also a fan of the old Piret's Bistro in Encinitas... Ah, the good ole days!

As I have to make my way to Carlsbad for the reunion, I would be interested in any spots between the airport and the drive up the coast highway. Haute Cuisine is hardly necessary - just some great lunch spot that I can re-awaken my love of San Diego and all it has to offer. I have plenty of time to explore!

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  1. Piret' I miss their places, especially Canes in Hillcrest. Anyway, for a great coastal lunch spot, can't beat the beach/ocean view at Poseidon in Del Mar. You'll get plenty of other good reccs, I'm sure. Oh, and by the way, there is an In-n-out burger in Carlsbad, a hop, skip and jump away from Coast Hwy

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      I have to disagree about the Posedion rec. The place is beautiful and drinks are tasty but the food is horrible. I was making better food for dinner & parties when I was 15. Go for the view but skip the food.
      I would recommend a drink at Posedion and then a carnitas or carne asada burrito at Juanita's on Highway 101 in Leucadia for some good ol' SD tacoshop fare.

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        you'll note that I did not recommend the say the food is horrible though is a bit strong but then that's merely MHO. It certainly is not in the class of restaurants that I have previously recommended on other threads on this board.

    2. point loma seafoods-
      I get the fish sandwich and white chowder

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        How about Codys in la Jolla...great ambience view..great food.. very Californian.. weather should be good..otherwise del Mar.. Pacifica or Epazote or Il Fornaio.. great view again....or if youre ready for lunch Sallys at Seaport village at the Hyatt,outside at the marina..

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          lots of choices in the Del Mar Plaza

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            Better choices in Del Mar for brunch/lunch are Americana or Pacifica Breeze Cafe, both off Camino del Mar and 15th St.

            I strongly second Cantina Panaderia and Mama Testa's.

            Another lunch spot closer to downtown is Cafe Chloe (near the ballpark) or Saffron on India Street, just off the Washington exit from the 5 freeway.

            Beach Grass Cafe in Solana Beach off Hwy 101 is pretty decent as well.

      2. I would recommend Mama Testa in Hillcrest as one lunch spot. Very unique "upscale" taco shop:

        The second lunch spot could be the new Extraordinary Desserts in Little Italy which now also serves good sandwiches etc.

        1. Cantina Panaderia in Pacific Beach, on Feldspar, cross street is Cass

          1. There's Le Passage French Bistro in Carlsbad--very yummy and only about 2 streets down from coast highway.
            Bellefleur in the outlet mall off of Paseo del Norte serves a bitchin' Sunday brunch well into the afternoon.
            For the best Chimichanga (I'm talking greasy spoon, here) in town, head to Kotija's on the Oceanside/Carlsbad border in the Marshalls/Dollar Tree shopping center off of Marron Road.
            Don's Country Kitchen in Carlsbad Village serves breakfast till 2pm and has some of the best biscuits around!
            I'm not sure if they're open for lunch, but Vigilucci's is RIGHT on Coast Highway and has great steaks.
            I positively DREAM about Pizza Shuttle... it must be the sauce! Great pizza, just off the freeway on Tamarack. Not a sit-down place, but great to take out and eat on the beach.