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May 23, 2007 01:13 PM

Spotted Pig - Disappointing Cubano

Lucky enough to be in the neighborhood for a business meeting at lunchtime with a chance to go to the Pig without the crowds and the wait, I snuck off to the bar to try the lunch-only cubano.

Admittedly, the weather was warm and perhaps a Cubano was a bit heavy fare. However, I wanted to try at least a few bites. While the menu instructs patrons to "allow 15 minutes for preparation" of the Cubano, I was bummed that it actually took 40 minutes to get my sandwich. But that was okay - there's a very laid back vibe at lunch and the doors were open to breezes coming in from the street.

My main objection to the sandwich was the dry pulled pork that it contained. The cheese was strong and pleasingly studded with pickle pieces and chiles but the meat itself "pulled" the whole sandwich down.

I should have ordered the chicken liver toasts and a salad. Oh well. Next time.

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  1. Agree that this is a great spot for lunch. Thanks for the tip on the Cubano -- I hadn't tried that yet, but was going to next time.

    The gnudi are amazing, although certainly rich, as are the chicken liver toasts. I also like the burger.