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May 23, 2007 12:28 PM

J.R.'s Steakhouse--Colleyville

Anyone been? Recommendations from menu?

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  1. i have not been, but a friend of mine says she loves the place. i hear they put avocados in their caesar dressing...intriguing, eh?

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    1. re: adkim

      erm, not so much...i get a bit miffed with calling a non-caesar dressing "caesar"...give me anchovies or give me....COBB! (yeah, that's it!)

      we're checking this out tomorrow night with our big $20 off coupon-yippee.

    2. Please let me know what you think. I was so unimpressed.

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      1. re: chickstein

        oh, great! well, here's hoping...

        1. re: mlschot

          The verdict:

          What I don't like--
          *The avocado dressing on the salad my DH had was great, but it was not a "caesar" salad, as stated on the menu (how could it be with an avocado dressing?)
          *The JR salad was hard to eat, and had extensive pepper grindings around the rim of the bowl--
          *The blandest white bread you ever did eat...not even sourdough
          *Over-spiced-garlicked butter with the bread
          *Poor wine by the glass selection (at least the cabs)--ICK.
          *Plopping steaks in the middle of mashed potato mounds annoys me.

          But, what I liked/DH liked/was at least tolerable:
          *The server allowed me to taste 2 of the wine by the glass selections and didn't get too offended when I said neither was good and ordered a dirty martini instead :0(personally, I think they have a storage issue with open bottled--verging on vinegar, both types...don't order wine by the glass if you eat here).
          *Not nearly as noisy/crowded as Bob's (whose food I love for the simplicity, but the atmosphere....somehow we're always there on OU weekend....'nough said).
          *They have "house reading glasses" in case your SO forgets theirs...;-)
          *The steaks were very good (although I had to request that they serve mine with no sauce, butter, etc. to get it the way I like it--they did adhere to my requests) DH had the ribeye, and I had the NY Strip--both very good.
          *The broccoli side was in no way overcooked
          *The pumpkin waffle dessert was great! Unique, and good.

          DH's assessment: He would eat there again, although (as he said) it would likely be at least 5 years before we got back to that particular restaurant...

          My assessment: A suburban "steakhouse" that tries too hard. I'm into food minimalism, which this chef is not, but at least they were willing to "deconstruct" to my taste. Not unenjoyable though, and for a weeknight steak getaway, is pretty good.

          Hope this helps if you are thinking of eating here!

          1. re: mlschot

            Thank you for this informative review. Have you eaten at any of the other steakhouses in the area? Kirby's , Silver Fox, Truluck's and the new Bob's?

            1. re: chickstein

              In my humble opinion....I went to III Forks for restaurant week this year and was SO disappointed. Restaurants with all that hype never seem to live up. New Bob's is just as loud as old Bob's oddly enough. It's kind of like the NW Hwy Houston's vs. the Beltline Houston's. Everybody loves one or the other. I was surprised and not surprised that Smith & Wollensky didn't make it on the tollway. Never ate there tho'. Randy's in Frisco - bleh! So bad! I do like Steve Field's Steak and Lobster Lounge in Plano. And they have a very nice retro bar that always has a few authentic old crusty guys at it so you at least get some ambiance of eating out of the 'burbs.

            2. re: mlschot

              how expensive was the food - especially the steaks? I looked on their website menu but it did not show any prices - so it may not be worth going even with the $20 coupon - ???

              1. re: DivaDee

                prices were okay for that type of meal...we had 2 salads, 1 cocktail and 1 soft drink, 2 steaks, 1 side and 1 dessert and got out with tip at $115 (after the $20). pretty normal on the pricing side I think.

                1. re: mlschot

                  Ouch. Is that really what it costs to out to a steakhouse these days?