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May 23, 2007 12:26 PM

Vietnamese summer rolls?

Am having a major craving...the soft wrap, the herby crunch, the chewy pork/shrimp deliciousness... Wondering where the best/favorite gỏi cuốn can be found - Little Saigon, of course, but anywhere else you've had a good one, too. And the dipping sauce matters! Is it the fish/lime/chile sauce or the peanut stuff? Thanks!!

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  1. Just had great goi cuon in Gardena at Pho Hong Long. Peanut dipping sauce.


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      Omigod, those are gorgeous...thanks! Can't wait to try!

    2. I live in the Garden Grove/ Westminster area and IMO the best place for spring rolls can be found at Brodard in Garden Grove. The restaurant is pretty well hidden but manages to keep a packed house, so that says a lot about the food. Here's the location

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        Nem nuong cuon at Brodard are fantastic.

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          LeSaigon on Santa Monica Blvd, near Barrington. Pork& shrimp, or veggie. Also their cha gao (fried rolls) are first class.


      2. Definitely Brodard's, it's their specialty. They don't put rice noodles, but it's very tasty nem nuong (grilled pork) with lots of veggies and a fried tightly wrapped spring roll. Cruchy, cool, and porky goodness. The sauce more toned down than the usual blended fish sauce but thick and warm. It tastes of fish sauce but with maybe ground peanuts and hoisin?

        elmomonster did a great review on his blog. I hope this is ok with him:

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          Elmomonster's review is a thing of beauty. Thanks for the link. Now I'm really psyched to go there.

        2. IMHO, it's the bi that makes or breaks a summer roll.. Ya gots to have the right combo of shredded meat to shredded skin to toasted rice powder ratio...

          Just the meat on its own leaves the roll a bit bland....

          And I am a peanut sauce girl, all the way.

          1. I hear nem nuong cuon at Nem Nuong Khanh Hoa in SGV is comparable to Brodard in Little Saigon if you don't want to take the trek to OC, and I've always thought that Brodard's rolls were without parallel.