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May 23, 2007 12:22 PM

Cheap and Delicious

Hi All,

We are a couple heading to Montreal this coming weekend, but we will be on a shoestring budget. What places can you recommend for some low priced, but very good and different food? I noted Schwartz's deli as a must go-to already
Also, any recommendations for good, low-key bars with good beer?

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  1. Check out Casa Del Popolo - St-Laurent corner St-Joseph
    $5 (incredible) sandwiches and good selection of beers.

    1. Lebanese sandwiches at Boustan, 2020 Crescent St. Some of the best in the city.

      Relatively cheap pints ($6 after tax) at les 3 Brasseurs right down the street, corner Ste. Catherine & Crescent. They make their own and the amber is awesome.

      1. I love the porcetta sandwich on ciabatta at Santangelo's (near Guy-Concordia). Huge, delicious, and filling. Costs $7.50.

        Sun Sing Lung in Chinatown has good bbq pork on rice for $5. It's enough for 2 at lunchtime.

        For supper, Tampopo (in the Plateau) is lovely and costs about $12/person if you just get a main ($15 if you also get the awesome wonton soup appetizer).

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        1. re: eoj

          Don't forget the many bring your own wine (byow or byo) establishments. Search this board.

          Moreover, the weather is lovely right now, so you can have some romantic picnics. We have to know where you are staying to advise you as to where to pick up supplies.

          1. re: lagatta

            Bourlinger in Old Montreal, Le Paris on St. Catherine, and Belle Provence all over the place! IMHO folks do not come to Montreal for Chinese food, or Arab food or any other ethnic food but FRENCH!
            Were ever we come from to visit this wonderful town, we are coming from major cities that have a ton of ethnic eateries, what we want is FRANCOPHILE and it doesn't have to be expensive!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            1. re: tombombadillo

              That's the second time I've heard about Boustan in a week - must check it out.

              For cheap and delicious and Quebecois you can go to La Binerie on Mont-Royal. Also, for sampling different types of poutine try La Banquise and/or Patati Patata. Poutine is even featured in the NYTimes this week, see, how is that for respectable?:


              (Not sure if you can view the link without a subscription.


              You can get a roasted chicken at Romados or pasta from the steam bar at Maison des Pates Fraiches on Rachel, and eat it in Parc Lafontaine or Parc Jeanne-Mance and then have your beer at L'Barouf on St-Denis. They have webcams on their site so you can check their ambiance in advance!

              1. re: Plateaumaman

                i eat boustan almost everyday. it is the best. 1 chicken pita, 1 veg pita.
                the veg pita has so many ingredients that all seem to cancel each other out - blandness equilibrium! pure bliss.

              2. re: tombombadillo

                Depending on what is meant by shoestring budget, most French places may well be out of reach. What are the prices for the restos you mentioned above?

                1. re: Keramel

                  here go to:

                  Patati Patata in the plateau 4177 St-Laurent for great burgers/fries
                  Casa Del Popolo in mile end 4873 St-Laurent.
                  Serranos 161 St-Viateur for amazing rotisserie chicken type fare
                  Boustan 2020 crescent at maisoneuve for unbeatable lebanese
                  Experience the love hate relationship montrealers have with the super raunchy faubourg by eating at Bangkok (thai food) 1616 st-catherine west
                  and for an unforgetable breakfast, do yourself a favor - go out of your way to cosmos 5843 sherbrooke west in NDG

                  these are some of the quintessential montreal cheap eats and will take you all over interesting parts of the city.

                  also, dont fool yourself into thinking any of the other lebanese joints can compare to boustan - because they cant.

                2. re: tombombadillo

                  We are very focused on eating French food and what we can't get in NYC. Not everyone who visits Montreal may have access to ethinc foods. Last time we visited (2009) we were looking for African, not much in NYC. Maybe in outer boroughs.

                  This 2007 thread came up when I started doing research re: where to eat this weekend :)

                3. re: lagatta

                  We'll be staying off of the Mont Royal stop, but will be spending most of our time downtown and in Old Montreal.

                  1. re: desidesi

                    You will be close to Tampopo then (it's on Mentana just below Av. Mont-Royal). Caffe Art Java on Mont-Royal has great coffee and tasty sandwiches. Depending on how shoestring your budget is, you can get supper for two (sushi and miso soup) at Bleu Caramel for about $30 and the atmosphere is lovely. It's on de la roche, just north of Av. Mont-Royal.

                    1. re: desidesi

                      I've only been once (because of a recommendation here) but I'd recommend a wonderful inexpensive French bistro lunch for $11.95 at Bistro Justine. It is close to the Mont-Royal stop on St-Denis. It was a three course lunch, a lovely gaspacho soup with pesto drizzled over it, tilapia served with saffron rice, and an interesting dessert with apples and chocolate mousse. All made rather delicious with a nice glass for red as it is also a wine bar.

                      Further down on St-Denis a bistro called Cote Soleil offers nicois specials like socca at happy hour, something I've been meaning to try. On Rachel near Berri (just down from the metro) you can pick up excellent take out sushi at Sushi Volant and eat it in Parc Lafontaine. The chef is exceptional.

                      Also you can visit the St-Viateur cafe on Mont-Royal and try the bagels there - they are the same as in Mile End and walkable from where you are staying. And Caffe Art Java is a great idea, also a wifi hotspot if you need to surf back these posts!

                4. It may be a bit out of your way, but when we visited we had a nice lunch (or late breakfast) by grabbing some bagels, lox, and cream cheese at St. Viateur and then eating them while we got a really good coffee at Cafe Olimpico, just down the street. There's also a sandwich shop called Titanic that is good and it's in Vieux Montreal.

                  1. Food:

                    -Vietnamese Subs from either Chinatown or the area at Jean-Talon and St Denis. Around 2.50 - can't beat that!

                    -Le Petit Alep, at 191, rue Jean-Talon Est - Syrian and Armenian food - try the filet mignon or chicken pitas as well as the amazing apetizers. Their house wine is affordable and goes well with the food. A meal there shouldn't cost you more than $20 each, including wine. While you are there you can pick up some supplies for a picnic right next door at the Jean-Talon Market.

                    -Shish taouk on St. Laurent below Pine Ave for...shish taouk. Good late night food.

                    -Try a crepe at any of the creperies scattered around town (There is one on Mount Royal between the metro station and St. Denis Street). Savory crepes are good for a light dinner.

                    -Soy Restaurant for gourmet chinese food at 5258, boulevard Saint-Laurent. The prices are extremely reasonable and the food is a step above what most Chinese places provide.

                    -If you have a hankering to try an expensive seafood resto at a good price, try the $20 lunch at Milos on Ave du Parc...only if you are around during Mon or Friday the weekend you are here. Can anyone verify whether this is still going on? It has been a year since I was last there.

                    As far as bars go, I agree with Trois Brasseurs, but wanted to add Dieu du Ciel (corner Laurier and Clark). There is also Le Reservoir at 9 Duluth East. The beer isn't my favorite there but the atmosphere and location are good, and they have excellent food and it is not too expensive. Downtown there are always the pricy Irish pubs on Crescent and McKay... or Brutopia on Crescent.

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                    1. re: Keramel

                      A nice little French bistro, though a bit out of the way in the East End (Centre-Sud) is Au Petit Extra:

                      As for a not-very-expensive Québécois place, I'd prefer Ma-am Bolduc (walking distance from Mont-Royal métro, east on Mont-Royal or Marie-Anne, at the corner of Marie-Anne and de Lorimier) to La Binerie (which is really a greasy spoon). It has old-fashioned Québécois food too, but is a bit more recherché, not in the sense of being fancy, but simply of taking care with its cooking. And a much more pleasant environment.