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May 23, 2007 12:15 PM

Roasted Red Peppers in Vinegar - ideas for use?

i bought a jar of roasted red peppers and didn't realize that they were in vinegar! obviously they are way too sour to use the way i would with 'normal' roasted red peppers, but i have so many left and don't know what to do with them.

i read a post asking about trying to reduce/neutralize the vinegar taste, but aside from that, does anyone have ideas or recipes for where these could be used?

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  1. What about making a vinaigrette and leaving out any other acid? Also, I think they'd work in a rice- or grain-based salad, balanced by some good olive oil.

    1. ooh - what about with some nice strong cheese? some feta? I also like it when i have some not super high quality but fresh mozzarella....or fry up some halloumi?
      ... i LOVE can also shop them up in some tuna salad?

      1. I made that same mistake once! But, I like the bite of the vinegar, so I wasn't too upset. Anyway, I made a calzone and sliced the peppers up and put them in the calzone, with cold cuts and cheese. The vinegar of the peppers was a nice contrast with the cheese and cold cuts.

        They would also be good with some sausages and onions in a sandwich.

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          I think it would be good in a sort of rouillesque sauce to serve with fish soup and croutons. I usually make it with non-vinegar type roasted peppers, but if you cut it with the mayo-type dressing.... could be good.