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May 23, 2007 12:05 PM

Ice Cream Bicycles

In Toronto, there used to be those bicycles that would come around town with the bells, the Dickie dee bikes and it was one of those wonderful moments of summer. But lately, correct me if I'm wrong, they've practically disappeared.
Does anyone know of any other places in Toronto where I might find ice cream bicycles?

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  1. I would say to try along the lake perhaps, although I have noticed that the bikes are being replaced by the loud annoying song of the ice cream truck

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    1. re: Mikejor

      yep, i havent seen a bike for like 10 years... it wouldnt be so bad, the truck's music that it plays is kind of creepy..

      1. re: hungryabbey

        I've seen them at various small neighbourhood fairs and things like that. Maybe the boardwalk?

        1. re: Snarf

          ohh you are right!! I HAVE seen them on the boardwalk in the beaches, but not riding up and down neighbourhood streets like they used to I suppose.

        2. re: hungryabbey

          I agree! Those trucks remind me of the pictures of John Wayne Gacy in a clown costume-outwardly sweet and innocent yet somehow wrong...luring kids with promise of sweets like so many nursery tales.

          Then there was that episode of Charmed "We all Scream For Ice Cream", when the sisters got sucked into a vortex located in an ice cream truck-they were lured there by a evil little girl singing that sinister music.

      2. I used to see them in Withrow Park during intermission of the outdoor show there, I always assumed that they were there other time too. It's been a couple of years though.

        1. There are still a bunch in and around High Park - during the summer I sometimes see 4 or 5 parked outside the Grenadier Cafe in the evenings. During the days I often run into them in the park and along Bloor Street in that area.

          1. FYI, the Dickie Dee Company morphed into making the "Richard D's" (get it?) treats that are found in the freezer aisle of your grocery store. That's where they went. The ice cream bicycle in Canada has disappeared like the shave ice guy in US cities.