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May 23, 2007 11:58 AM

I recently discovered that I like Gravlax!

I would love to buy it and have it for brunch on the weekends - - anyone know of a great place to buy freshly made gravlax?? Anyone know which restaurants serve it??

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  1. I buy mine at Grace's Marketplace...just had it for dinner last night, with dilled cucumber salad & black bread...sublime....

      1. don't know if they specifically have gravlax, but Russ and Daughters has one of the biggest and best selections of smoking salmon and other smoked fishes in the city. Russ hand selects each fish and that is why it is so great. they all buy fish from the same places (Acme, etc.) - it's who has the best quality control, chooses the best fish, and then slices them the best. Russ wins over zabars, barny greengrass, and surely fairway everytime... enjoy frankbooth
        p.s. if i am not mistaken, gravlax is different from jewish style lox in that it has sugar (or more sugar) in the brine. yes? it is sweeter than jewish style fish?

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          From what people have told me, gravlax is cured rather than smoked (I'm not a huge fan of lox - which is why I stayed away from gravlax). The one I had this past weekend was salty and had lots of fresh dill on it. It was really was delicious. I had some plain on just toast and then a few on potato pancakes with creme fraiche.

          1. re: Briek

            Yes, gravlax is cured under dill, brown sugar, and lots of salt--and under a weight.

          2. re: frankbooth

            Yes, Russ & Daughters has gravlax; it's delicious!

          3. I had some at Perry Street last weekend. It was on some type of toast (drenched in butter) and inside the toast was a poached egg. It was VERY right, but still fantastic!