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May 23, 2007 11:45 AM

Is there such a thing as great pizza in Indy?

Coming to Indy in June for my annual pilgrimage and I'm going to be wanting a great pizza or two while I'm there.

Usually I have pizza sent from Chicago but we're doing without a kitchen on this trip.

Where can I find the best independent pizza on the east side of town or near the track? No chains please.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Giorgio's on Market - right off Monument Circle downtown. New York style
    By the track - Union Jack's Pub on Crawfordsville Rd. - right off 465 - about 2 miles west of the track. Chicago style pizza
    South...Maria's on Shelby St. homemade sausage (pizza like you remember when you were a kid)
    Sorry I can't think of anything on the eastside. How far east?

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      Wow, Spoon, pretty much what I would recommend. Giorgio's is huge, gooey, thin Brooklyn style. Maria's is near south-central, but worth it. I believe the cheese is a mixture of mozz. and muenster. Very unique. Great sauce. And Union Jack's (like the one in Broad Ripple) is good Chicago-style pizza.

      But East-side? Wow? Here is a link from the Sta. Might want to try Salute Italian Ristorante. If there is a Pizza King, you may want to give it a shot. Ex-girl friend took me to one in Muncie and it was really tasty thin crust. The pepperoni was diced ala Totino's pizza (which, I hate to admit I still crave sometimes)

      1. re: gotdebt

        Thanks for the suggestions! We're staying in East Indy - near the 70/465 interchange.

        We have several meals planned out, but could always use more suggestions - as we like to eat well without driving too far:)

        Again - your suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!

        1. re: gotdebt

          Pizza King isn't the Pizza King of my youth I'm sorry to say. why is that? why mess with success? But I'm happy to report that Maria's is still the outstanding pizza I had when I went to Indiana Central (yes, before U of I) - talking about it made me want it even more!

      2. Bazbeaux Pizza (Downtown and Broad Ripple) is excellent, as is Datza Pizza, downtown on Pennsylvania Avenue.