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May 23, 2007 11:40 AM

Your Best Beef Burger

It is a holiday weekend and I want to make a great burger for my friends and family. I know how to grill a burger, but I question what to mix in with the meat. What do you put in your burger to make it unforgettable?

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  1. Think kimchi:

    Kimchi Burger


    1 lb lean ground beef
    Use 3/4 lb lean ground beef and add 1/4 lb ground pork or turkey.
    1 egg
    1 small white or yellow onion
    3 cloves fresh garlic
    1/4 cup of flour or substitute corn flour, bread crumbs, or grain cereal(such as corn flakes)
    1/4 cup kimchi
    1/2 teaspoon salt
    1/2 teaspoon pepper

    Sliced cucumber
    hard fried egg
    green cabbage


    Chop (mince) the onion and kimchi into very small pieces, then crush the garlic cloves.
    In a large mixing bowl, combine the beef, egg, and flour (or crumbs) and mix well.
    Add the garlic, onion, kimchi, salt, and pepper, and work evenly through the meat mixture.
    Divide the mixture into 5 even parts and form into patties.

    Heat a skillet or grill and cook over medium to medium high heat until well done.
    Lightly oil a separate skillet or griddle, cook 5 eggs until well done (break yokes).

    Serve on any style bread or bun and top with your favorite cheese, egg, thin sliced cucumber, and kimchi.

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    1. re: hannaone

      I have to try that one! Sounds great.

      1. re: hannaone

        I do something very similar - I use bulgogi seasonings to season the ground beef and make into patties. Top with kimchi, a bit of gochujang (red pepper paste). I love the idea of the fried egg :)

      2. 1. My classic burger - ground beef (not too lean), steak seasoning, minced onion, worcestershire sauce
        2. Lamburger (unbelievable - I could eat this every night!!) - ground lamb, feta, minced red onion, minced garlic, Greek seasoning or oregano/s/p, topped with roasted red pepper and tzaziki

        1. I think the single biggest thing you can do to make a platter of burgers unforgettable is find a great butcher.

          Explain to them that you want to do something REAALLLY special. It is foolish to grind up filet mignon. But it is not foolish at all for you to ask the butcher to mix together some veal trimmings, add some hanger steak, some chuck. Maybe some rindy fat from a dry aged prime rib roast.

          Don't expect this stuff to be free. It is going to cost more than his "regular" ground beef. But it ought to be one of a kind.

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          1. re: renov8r

            There's an interesting article in the NYT today about making burgers:


            I make cook mine on the stove top - stick a small piece of butter in the middle of each patty, salt and pepper liberally. But I seem to have a real difficulty not over cooking them - they seem to go from raw to overcooked in an instant.

            1. re: MMRuth

              Like MMRuth - my 'secret' is a thin pat of butter in the middle too, usually flavored. For this weekend, I'm using a shallot-cilantro butter, and mixing the ground beef with some diced roasted poblanos.

              This is also a foolproof recipe - I've made these a few times and they've always been a hit:


              1. re: MMRuth

                Maybe it's a seasonal thing because the Washington Post did, too.


              2. re: renov8r

                Agree. If you don't grind your beef yourself, go to a butcher and have him grind up steaks fresh for you. Chuck, brisket, sirloin, skirt, some fat, etc.

                Besides that, the only thing I do to my burgers is lightly form the patties and coat them very very well with salt. What one would probably thing is too much is about where you want it to be.

              3. I use ground beef and a little bit of ground veal. Toss in an egg, some breadcrumbs, salt, garlic (minced or powdered), onion powder and sometimes some mustard. MMMMM, I'm getting hungry for it now!

                1. I'm a big fan of blue cheese in burgers. I'll use McCormick's Grill Seasoning (combo of coarse salt, black and red pepper, dried garlic and onion, and some other tasty things) throughout the beef. Make two small patties and put blue cheese in the middle, squeezing the edges together so the cheese doesn't drip out. Grill until medium rare. Mmmm.