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May 23, 2007 11:23 AM

desperate for place for rehearsal dinner

We need a place in southeast Westchester for a Friday night rehearsal in November for up to 75 people. Most restaurants I have contacted can't accomodate us - I don't particularly want a hotel. Any suggestions - we would like it to be fun - more casual because the wedding is formal. I am not as concerned about cost at this point but I would like it to be really special.

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  1. Did you contact any of the places in CT that were previously posted?

    My only other thought for you would be to try what used to be an old brewery in Stamford, CT. It has since closed down and only opens for special events. Its in an old bank and is a very cool space.

    ps - I know it's not Westchester, but it is RIGHT next door.

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      Also not in Westchester but close by in Greenwich is Barcelona. I know they could accommodate a party of that size, but not show what the price would be.

      1. re: annemarie115

        One more thought (sorry, also not Westchester...)

        The Waters Edge @ Giovanni's in Darien does rehearsal dinners and other special events.

    2. The original comment has been removed