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May 23, 2007 11:11 AM

Provence dining?

We are returning(hooray) in early Fall. We will be staying in Arles and in Gordes. We have made our reservations in Arles at L'Atelier(formerly of La Chassagnette which we loved).

Here are some places we are thinking of for certain and I would appreciate any other tips:

Le Galaoubet

We will be staying at Le Ferme du Huppe outside of Gordes and will probably have dinner there one evening. Otherwise,

Auberge de Bartavelle:Goult

Bernard Mathys(Le Chene/Apt)

Le Fournil-Bonnieux:I have heard mixed reviews. We missed this on our last trip to Bonnieux. Anyone been there lately?

Auberge de la Loube:Buoux(probably for lunch)

We will be at the Sunday market (brocante) in Isle sur le Sorgue. We might have lunch while there. We stayed at Mas de Cure Bourse last time so would like to have lunch someplace other than there. How is Le Jardin du Quai?

We missed Cafe Poste(Goult) on our last visit due to it being closed for the season.
It looked like a great place for lunch. Any other ideas in that "feel"?


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  1. We had a very nice meal at Le Jardin du Quai. In March we just walked in but I would imagine in the summer you would need reservations. There is one set menu.

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      just came back from Arles and we stayed at Hotel Paticulier...fabulous and ended up eating our 2 dinners there. we could not get a reservation at L'Atelier...oh well, next time!! Saturday market in Arles was amazing.

    2. I highly recommend Auberge de la Loube, but be sure to make a reservation in advance if you are going there for lunch. M. de la Loube does only 20 places for lunch and you will be turned away if you just show up and he has 20 already. He does not just add another table or 2 for peopel who just show up. When we ate there last September, he turned away 2 couples who just arrived and asked for tables.

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        Yes, Auberge de la Loube is charming for Sunday lunch. Reservations are a must. We had lunch there in 2006. Delightful. This is one of the restaurants described by Peter Mayle in one of his earlier books.

      2. Our absolute favorite around there for outstanding, creative dining is Bernard Mathys, but he recently sold his home/restaurant and is taking a year off from cooking. I don't think he plans to find another place until next year sometime. It's too bad, because we've tried a lot of places in that area and nothing comes close to his cuisine.

        The Bartavelle in Goult is consistently good -- another one of our favorites.

        A more casual place that we like is Maison Gouin in Coustellet. It's a great little deli by day, and it turns into a surprisingly good restaurant at night. I think they also do brunch/lunch on Sundays during the Coustellet market. If you want a bottle of wine with your meal, they direct you downstairs into their wine celler, unaccompanied, to make your selection from the storage racks. The casual attitude, unpretentiousness & solid food make it a lot of fun.

        We're heading to Goult tomorrow for a week of rest and good eating -- I'll report back if we find anything else new and delicious.


        1. How far is Egalyeres from Gordes? I don't remember. But I do remember a wonderful lunch at the Bistro d'Egalyeres.

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            Egalyieres is a good hour from Gordes - probably more.

          2. We had Sunday brunch at Le Jardin du Quai, across from the gare- train station- last September, 2006, and it was delicious. Be certain to ask for a table that will not be in the sun during your meal or be prepared for a sunburn. Lovely ambiance. We plan to return in September for another brunch there.