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May 23, 2007 11:07 AM

Where to Eat Near Hollywood Park?

Playing in a bridge tournament Sunday.
Morning session is 10:30 to probably 1:45.
Have to be back to the casino by 3:30 for the afternoon session.
Where do you recommend for a decent meal?


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  1. Anyone? I really could use a suggestion or two. Thanks.

    1. In the casino itself, they used to have an Iranian chef in the restaurant on the ground floor that made decent kabob. I will admit the food isn't stellar, but it is what it is.

      You'll be very close to LAX, so if I were you I'd do a search on these boards for "LAX" to see what is near.

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        I go to Hollywood Park regularly to play poker - there are two categories of food there that are excellent - Persian kebabs and Vietnamese Pho noodle soup, especially the seafood pho. Plus the Korean kalbi or grilled beef short ribs. Otherwise there isn't much good food around there - the best place is on Century Blvd, just East of the casino - a really good latino chicken chain, El Pollo Compero. Otherr than that, you're out of luck. So save your luck for the casino. Jeryy

      2. I had a fantastic pulled pork sandwich at Porky's, which is on Manchester just west of Prairie. They serve BBQ and also Golden Bird fried chicken. The pulled pork sandwich came on a nicely buttered and grilled bun, with more than a half-pound of very succulent meat piled up on each half and some slaw on one side. Also came with some unadvertised dirty rice and grilled pineapple. Really good. I'm not sure if they're open on Sunday, and order very simply -- they tend to get the orders confused. I need to go back to try the ribs, but that pulled pork was the best I've had in town.