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May 23, 2007 10:57 AM

Kingston Recs - any great neighbourhood places?

I've been to Le Chien Noir and Chez Piggy. Both fine. I'd love to find a little place with excellent food, maybe Italian? Or Indian? I've tried Curry Original / Village, wasn't wowed.

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  1. One of my most coveted hot and sour soups used to be made out of the phnom penh (sp) restaurant.....i think its the best tom yum goong i've ever had. great for a lunch, but not a place you'd wanna go to for dinner.

    1. are you looking for any particular type of atmosphere or just good food?

      as much as my friends have been impressed with le chien noir and chez piggy... neither of the places really went above and beyond good for me. i've actually found le chien noir to be overly salty the majority of visits i've made. both however are among the more formal establishments in the city and i've found the smaller ones to be the most redeeming like phnom penh mentioned below.

      my favourites on the lower scale - dong nai (best pho and biggest servings in the city, ask for the secret xxl and be blown away with the kitsch of quantity), wok-in (awesome spicy take-out asian, i think it's szechwan.. but don't quote me on that), atomica (thin crust pizza or that fab butternut squash ravioli), casa (formal meditteranian style dining), pan chancho (grab some stuff from their deli and have a picnic by the water, don't miss their dragon noodles or desserts)....

      i can't recall the name of the indian place i'd infrequently visit but enjoyed.... and that's all i can remember right now. btw, because of the way kingston is, i'd say every place is a neighbourhood spot!

      oh and while i wasn't blown away with luke's when i first dropped into kingston... the star or globe did an article about the new young chef... luke the son the resto is named after and he sounds like a wonderfully passionate kid with a fantastic palate.

      1. Woodenhead's on Ontario St. is a favorite of mine. They serve gourmet pizzas, try the dynmamo, it's my favorite! Also if your looking for a deli, try the Golden Rooster on lower Princess St. There are a lot of good Greek restaurants in Kingston. I'm not sure where to recommend for Indian, but Casa Domenico is a great place for Italian