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May 23, 2007 10:39 AM

Post your favorite Trader Joe's item!

So, I like Trader Joe's, but I never get more than 12 items, just so I don't stand on the regular line, and I often end up getting the same things. I would like to know what I'm missing, so list your favorite TJ's items! The only thing that disappoints me at TJ's is bad coffee (am I missing something?), and lack of fresh baguettes.

My favorite has to be the filet of flounder (I think) stuffed with crab meat, and white organic jasmine rice. Coupled, they make a great, inexpensive dinner at home.

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    1. BBQ and white cheddar Soy Crisps- so much better than any other brand of soy crisp, sweet & salty nut mix (although it is highly addictive be warned) and their marinated frozen mahi mahi steaks.

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        Current fave is the Cafe Latte Java Floe frozen bar, 130 calories, no fat. I'm on my third box. I also adore the candy coated chocolate peanuts but if I buy a tub they are gone in two sittings, so I'm trying not to buy them.

        1. Do I have to name just one...there are so many. Right now I am stuck on the crab cakes. They are soooo good. I bake them in the oven and you could easily make a meal by adding some broccoli florets or that pack of green and something else on the side. Personally I like them alone. I also like the burritos (they come in a blue packet). The convenience of TJ's foods has made it so easy to go home and eat something decent rather than grabbing something on the way home. The frozen turkey balls are a great deal too. Oh, and the chocolate pudding! Yum!

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            We're very big fans of the crabcakes as a "Benedict" for brunch. English muffin (or half a small sourdough roll from Acme in SF), a poached egg and some hollandaise, with or without spinach or tomato. A very good brunch dish.

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              The crabcakes make a great app/salad when one or two are laid on a nice fresh bed of baby greens tossed with a nice vinagrette and a generous sprinkle of goat or blue cheese... I can eat those crabcakes all day...

          2. I have many, but the best recent addition to their stock is the Pasadena pecans - sweet, salty, with an occasional dose of peppery goodness.