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Looking for a sipping tequila

I've recently taken up sipping on tequila with lime as a nice summery drink. My problem is I know very little about tequila..probably just enough to be dangerous with. I've been sipping the Patron Silver, but wanted to get input from tequila lovers, especially those who drink it straight.

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  1. If you do a search, you'll find a few tequila threads from the last 6 months or so.

    I favor Herradura reposado or anejo. Nice smooth tequilas with lots of flavor.

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      I also like the Herradura reposada - and if you can get your hands on a wonderful sangrita recipe - to sip along with the tequila, all the better.

    2. If you like silver tequilas, I highly recommend El Tesoro Platinum. It is an excellent tequila and is often less expensive.

      1. For an inexpensive but solid tequila I enjoy Jose Cuervo Tradicional.

        1. Three Generations Anejo! "It's the best in the City."


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            I love 3 Gen. I would have recommended it, but she said she was enjoying a silver. But yes, Sauza Tres Generaciones is lovely. I vastly prefer the entire Sauza line to anything by Cuervo.

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              I guess I took it that JfR, while now having the Patron Silver, was open to anything and wasn't specifically looking for Silvers. But luckily, as you smartly noted all the sauza is good and they have a silver in that same, 'I Dream of Jeanie' kind of looking bottle in Silver too!



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                Thank you everyone for your replies and I've only had the silver (as far as straight outside of a shot <g>) because it was recommended. While searching the bar last night I found a bottle of Herradura reposada, most likely a gift, and will try it this weekend. I'm most definitely open to trying different types and styles. Thank you all for your help.

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                also, i enjoy the 3 gen. as well, but it's a bit too oaky for summertime sipping with a lime, i'd think.

                that said, i've been trying the milagros and they're very good.

            2. If you're enjoying the silvers, I'd try Lapis, Casa Noble, and Herradura (in that order). If you can find a Pura Sangre, it's the best tequila I've had at that price point ($15 or something on sale, way better than most $20 bottles) and I bought a case and have been using it for margaritas and last minute gifts for over a year.

              Casa Noble anejo is my favorite sipping tequila. If you close your eyes and smell it, you can detect a hint of butter. It's almost like smelling a boozy buttercream frosting.

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                I second the El Tesoro, very smooth with enough flavor. Also reccomend a Chichicapa, if you can find a liquour store that carries it.

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                  Casa Noble Anejo is reduced in price a little at Bev Mo now with their card.

                2. Chinaco plata (Silver) well worth a sip. El Tesoro is good too.

                  1. Throw away the lime and sip these like a good Cognac:
                    Herradura Selecion
                    Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia
                    Casa Noble Anejo
                    1921 Reserva Especial

                    1. Not technically a tequila, but related is Sotol. I'm really a fan of Sotol Reposado. Much cheaper than a premium tequila here, but very strong with lots of bite. It makes a kick ass margarita as well.

                      1. If you like good tequila, most would say avoid Cuervo. My favorite has always been Don Julio and I highly reccommend it.

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                          I would agree the Cuervo Gold used in bars is nothing to cheer about but you, or whoever told you to avoid Cuervo couldn't have tasted Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia.

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                            Actually I did, and I said on here it was pretty decent, I then got blasted by everyone on the post because apparently it's not real tequila or it's tourist tequila or somethin I don't know. Either way, Don Julio is still my favorite.

                        2. I agree with Hungry Fox on the Don Julio, especially the reposado, it's easy to sip and enjoy.

                          Even better, though, is the reposado I had a couple of nights ago, Don Fernando. This is without a doubt the smoothest, easiest sipping tequila I've ever had the pleasure of trying, plus it was absolutely delicious. Double distilled and then aged in French barrels previously used for aging chardonnay. I was amazed.


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                            If you're looking for something a little different, try Agavero. By different I mean a little sweeter than most tequilas as its labeled a "tequila licqour". By itself, Agavero is very smooth and enjoyable for sipping and with the addition of lime, the acidity will add a nice balance to the sweetness. Some other notable mentions are Cazadores, Don Julio and a recent find from Texas.. Don Alvaro.

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                              Thanks for the recco. It sounds a little bit like Crema, the mezcal derivative put out by Del Maguey. It's real mezcal but with a little softening of the harder edges and a little sweetness. Deliciously good :-)

                          2. Question for those on the thread: I've been recommended a brand called Clase Azul, which is about $90/bottle. I'll have to mail order it, as it's available only in a few states... Is it worth the price? Or is it hype? The stuff comes in a very pretty blue and white ceramic bottle, and I'm a bit wary of anything that comes in a bottle that's too pretty... what am I actually paying for?

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                              Seven years later(!) and I finally tried Clase Azul. Very nice. Super-smooth, slightly sweet, just enough vegetal funk. Pricey and not something for every day, but really an excellent sipping tequila.

                            2. Please try Asom Broso blanco or Asom Broso La Rosa which is aged in Bordeaux casks for 11 mos (try this not the 3 mos version). These are two of my absolute favorites. I also enjoy Casa Noble Anejo, El Conquistador reposado and Don Julio 1942 (expensive).

                              1. Porfidio silver is excellent.

                                1. El Tesoro de Don Felipe (anejo) gets my vote for sipping.

                                  1. i'm a big fan of tequila and my favorite by far is partiva anejo. but when I'm looking for something basic i stick to casadoras repesado, i think it's better then patron (and cheaper). salud!

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                                      don julio (anejo) in my opinion is the best sipping tequila!!!

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                                        I agree with you, littlemisswaitress, except it's spelled Cazadores, and is easy to spot by the picture of a stag's head on the bottle (cazadores means "hunters").

                                        It's a budget (~$20 for the plato) pure-agave tequila, a real bargain. The same distiller makes a $50 tequila called Corzo in much fancier packaging (a dramatic-looking rectangular bottle), but I don't think it's worth the premium. El Tesoro is my other favorite nice-priced pure-agave tequila.

                                        I use the blancos for tequila cocktails, the reposados and the aƱejos for sipping.

                                      2. El Tesoro Platinum (for silver), Tapatio Familia Reserva and Don Julio 1942 (for Anejo): these are not cheap but they are by far the best tequilas I have ever tasted.

                                        1. Just tried Don Julio 1942 Anejo this past weekend, and it is now at the top of my list.

                                          1. The first ever Single Estate Vitaga tequila has been released. It is called Tequila Ocho - they use the traditional methods of distilling and each year the tast will vary sligtly based on the micro climate of that particular estate.

                                            1. A tequila fan recommended that I try Tonala's four-year anejo. It is really very good and BevMo had it for $39. Was far better than a lot of people's "go to" premium tequilas, like Patron.

                                              1. The best tequila that I have tasted and I have tasted plenty of them is Sauza Hornitos Plata. It's like drinking water, this is the smoothest sipping tequila that I have found and they don't call me the most interesting man in the world for nothing.

                                                Stay thirsty my friends...

                                                1. Rocca Patron Anejo

                                                  Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia.