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Fred's Franks in the Boston Globe today

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Woo hoo! Fred is out again for the warm weather. Aaaaah, the joys of spring.

Fred's Franks in Wakefield is covered in today's Boston Globe:

This year he's decided to open Tuesday-Saturday so those of us that can't get to him during the week can see him during the weekend.


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  1. I saw this guy on that "other" food tv show ... and the big green egg looks enticing. I love the crazy ordering system and that they typically char them. I've never been up to try myself though ... any first-hand reports?

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      I tried Fred's Franks in Wakefield last week. I got 2 regular hot dogs cooked crispy with mustard. The hot dogs were very good. A regular hot dog is $2.50 and a jumbo hot dog is $4.50. He also has linquica, kielbasa and chorico. The hot dogs cook pretty fast on his grill.

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        I can't compare him to Speeds, since I've never had a Speed's hot dog, but I love Fred's. He will cook them to the doneness you desire, but I like his default dog with a bit of snap to them. When the weather is nice, it's nice to grab a dog then just sit on the edge of the lake and just relax.