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May 23, 2007 10:15 AM

Dog Friendly Establishments near Freeport, ME?

My fiance and I are headed to the Freeport area for a long weekend in June - can anyone recommend places to eat where we could bring our dog? I am thinking of a place with outside tables... Thank you!

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  1. hmmm i wish i remember the name of the place but there is a place with an outside patio on the main strip a bit past LL bean/same side. We went back about 2 years ago with 2 labs and they not only allowed us to have them on their patio under our table but they even brought out a water bowl for them!

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      You're probably referring to Azure Cafe. I think that Jameson Tavern also has an outdoor patio open in good weather.

      There are several picnic tables on the lawn/grounds of LLBean suitable for picnic/takeout dining.

      1. re: HDinCentralME

        Yes it was Azure, I just looked at their website and that refreshed my memory.

        1. re: hargau

          You might be able to do that at Gritty McDuff's patio as well.
          They have excellent in-house brewed beers & ales and decent pub grub.

          Also The Haraseeket Lunch & Lobster in South Freeport

          Of course, any place's policy may depend on how busy they are at any given time.

    2. thanks for the suggestions! We are looking foward to our trip! I think that a stop at Gritty's will be a must :)

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      1. re: VT girl

        If you go to Gritty's save a few bucks for their gift shop. They've got some great, really well made T-shirts and all their brews are available to go, as well.

      2. Just wanted to follow up on our trip - had a great time and ate well! FYI - Gritty's has an outside tent where you can leash your dog while you eat. Also, the North Face / Patagonia / Horny Toad stretch of stores allow dogs too!

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          I came across this discussion as I too am looking for dog friendly places for our upcoming trip through freeport and just had a couple of questions for you. You say Gritty's has a tent seperate from the deck to leash your dog? Can you see the tent from the deck? Also, the North Face / Patagonia / Horny Toad stretch of stores allow dogs to enter the stores or just walk around the sidewalks?

          1. re: smilingmoose

            Sorry, I just saw your question... if you haven't gone on your trip yet..

            The tent at Grittys is visible from some seats on the deck. There is a large fenced-in area where children (adults too!) can run around and play, but dogs are kept in a separate area.

            The stores allowed us to bring our dogs in the store and the dressing rooms while we shopped. :)

            1. re: VT girl

              You brought your dog into a dressing room?

        2. The Haraseeket doesn't allow dogs under the awning area. We we were there last year and a couple had to relocate to behind the building (far side of the parking log) with their dog. Too bad, seeing as it's basically outside. I'd rather eat with a dog under my table than those pesky little birds that scavange in the area.

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          1. re: delong99

            Still, the food at Haraseeket is very good, and you can get the food to go and sit on the nearby docks with your dog.

          2. Hi VT girl!

            Sorry I didn't get to see this before your vacation, but here are some tips for those still planning...

            Azure Cafe, Jameson Tavern and the Broad Arrow Tavern generally allow dogs outside on the patio. Doesn't help much if you are traveling in the winter, tho. Good thing your vacation was this summer! Also glad to hear you could hang out at Gritty's!

            Keep in mind that you don't have to just pass thru Freeport with that pup! Lots of B&B's in the area take pets. (Unlike most of the hotels.)

            Another great idea is to get a picnic lunch at the Old World Deli (by the Big Indian) and head down to Winslow Park or Wolfe Neck Park.

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            1. re: silly_pirates

              We ate at Azure last night and it was terrible. Sysco out of can or frozen bag.
              Out of the 8 people with us, only one was satisfied, as he got a sandwich. Service and wine was not bad, but a real Hack Chef, institutional food, & 4-pig rating