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May 23, 2007 10:12 AM

best dinner for 1 in san diego?

staying at the W for a few nights. don't want to break the bank, but want to eat well. any suggestions on where the eating at the bar is comfortable or a table for one will provide a great "taste of san diego's better food options"?

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  1. Not sure if you have a car or not so I am just going to give you downtown dining options.
    Lunch/casual afternoon dining:
    Sit OUTSIDE at the Bar of The Fish Market downtown. Get the calamari, steamed mussels or any of the sushi options. The deck & Adirondack chairs have one of the best views.
    Sogno Di Vino in Little Italy is a 10 minute walk. They have fairly decent food--had a great lunch there on my birthday a week ago and a fun wine list. Plus the bar dining is nice as is sitting outside people watching
    Tin Fish: Good fish tacos/burritos and quite a scene before the ball games. So either go way before a game starts or after the game starts.
    Dinner: The bar at Oceanaire. Great food/service and good people watching. Cafe Chloe in the East Village part of downtown is super good. Take a cab or even a pedicab. Or if you like to walk--walk. I make the walk down there quite often (I work right by the W).

    Not downtown: JDRN in Pacific Beach. Beautiful scenery, beautiful people and actually good food. But beware those in the beautiful people bar scene descend on the place after 8pm Thurs-Sunday.

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      Big fan of eating at the bar. Doobson's is my favorite downtown. In the PB La Jolla area I would go with Bully's for prime rib, Lupi and Manhattan for Italian. Tap Room on Garnet has a nice bar (beer and wine) with lot of local beers on tap and great pizza. Costa Brava has solid spanish tapas and good sangria. Burgers at the bar at Rocky's is IMO a must. Probably left a bunch out, but I hope this helps.


      1. re: stevuchan

        Dobsons would be my pick too. I have eaten there by myself. so friendly and its very small. food is excellent too. You could walk there.. maybe a ped cab home..On top of Horton plaza is also the Napa valley grille which would be good too.

      2. re: jturtle

        would strongly 2nd Oceanaire and Cafe Chloe. If you need a breakfast or casual lunch, Cafe 222 has simple and good breakfasts and lunches. Beware that Oceanaire's portions are large and designed for sharing.

        1. re: daantaat

          I ate at Cafe Chloe last night for the second time. Great food, great place. Great place to go alone too -- they've got a nice half-moon shaped bar where you could sit down, have a drink, order some great food. I saw several people role in alone and do just that last night.

          1. re: mangiatore

            glad to see you're finding some of the better places around town! :-)

            1. re: daantaat

              Yeah...there are a few. ; ) And I'll admit, you guys are the ones who told me about most of the ones I like.

      3. i loved the W..we stayed there last year and walked to Little Italy. Acquired a pre-dinner buzz at Sogno di Vino and then had dinner next door at Buon Appetito. I liked the wine bar quite a bit..we sat at the bar and had an Italian meat and cheese platter..yum

        drinks at the W sand bar were fun!!

        1. Great suggestions from others and LOVE Dobson's downtown next to Horton Plaza for the puff pastry Mussel is one of the best..
          We are staying downtown for the weekend and that is the first place we are heading..
          I like the bar at McCormick & Schmicks at the Omni..great bar food and pretty cheap on drinks.
          Love the Waterfront in Little Italy too..Tivoli's is one of my fav's but its more if you are going to a Padre's game..
          Taka for Sushi....Chive for Happy Hour in the Gaslamp.
          Grant Grill at the US Grant..
          Touristy but works is Anthony's in the bar at the flames :)