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May 23, 2007 10:09 AM

Petit Fours - Best in Dallas

I realize this is along the lines of best bakery. However, I want to know who you think has the best petit fours.

Society Bakery, Casa Linda, and Steins come to mind for me..!

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  1. Stein's is too sweet for me, though while growing up in Richardson, it was always a neighborhood favorite.
    I prefer the ones at Petit Fours at the corner of Blackburn and McKinney.

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    1. re: vktp

      I love Petit Fours as well..thanks for the reminder!

      However, I have to get 20 so I am hoping to save a few bucks.

      1. re: stephtx

        Go to Casa Linda. They are very well priced for a good product.

      2. re: vktp

        DMN Eats blog is reporting Petit Fours (in addition to Arc En Ciel) has closed.

      3. Have you tried Petit Fours? It's in the West Village and they have really good...well you know. The pizza place next door is awesome as well.

        1. Celebrity Bakery may not satisfy my cookie needs, but they aim to please when it comes to petit fours.

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            Celebrity Bakery (Beltline & Tollway loc.) has really awful tasting cakes. Very bland flavors and the icing - way too rich and sugary. The cookies aren't much better. And talk about overpriced!!
            Central Market did 2 dozen petit fours for a baby shower for me - soooo cute - for $30. The cake was moist, the decorations perfect.

          2. In Irving there is a wholesale bakery, Dessert Dreams owned my Shari Carlson. I believe that if you call and order their minimum, they will sell to you. If you order around $60-$75 worth, they will deliver. Hers are delicious and utterly exquisite. She is an incredible patissiere ... and her tortes are also pretty incredible. I have never seen petits fours that could touch hers in this area.

            1. I like society bakery. Not only are their cakes good but they are very nice and will do a custom design.