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May 23, 2007 09:53 AM

Cuban Sandwich

Any thoughts on where to get a good Cuban Sandwich? I like the one at Cafe Havana. I've also had it at Havana Central, and hated it! I love them, and can't seem to find a good one...

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  1. Margon on 46th st between 6th and 7th ave. I have not tried theirs there, but have heard great things. Super cheap as well. If you get the chance, try their other prepared foods. Yum!

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      1. re: kayonyc

        I've tried the Cubano at Margon and can recommend it. It's better than the ones found at Sucelt and Chelsea Havana.

      2. I had the one at Paladar recently and thought it was quite good.

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        1. re: Bob Martinez

          el presidente on w165th and broadway which is across the street from columbia's uptown campus/ny presbyeterian hospital.

          1. re: nativeNYer

            Agreed El Presidente is amazing! The pieces of chopped garlic in the sandwich is the best touch.

            For a non-traditional, I really enjoy the Cuban sandwich at Dinosaur BBQ. Pulled pork which I top with chipotle BBQ sauce really brings it home

          2. re: Bob Martinez

            Yes, Paladar makes a good Cubano. Not the cheapest, though. I'm not fond of the Margon version with salami.

          3. I have tried cubanos from Malecon and Mambi up in Wash. Heights and both are good, but the best one was from Floridita at 125th+Bwy -- not dry and very flavorful.

            1. if youre downtown, theres a spot called el castillo de madison. its more greasy spoon but super authentic and absolutely delicious.

              El Castillo de Madison
              207 Madison Street (between Rutgers and Jefferson)

              1. I can't claim to be a Cubano expert, but the ones at Cafe con Leche are tasty and seem to me just like ones I've had in South Florida. I don't think the bread is made out of lard, but it's still nicely crispy and chewy on the outside and tender on the inside.