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May 23, 2007 09:50 AM

Finally hit Mozza (with pics)!!

More pics and deets here: http://rainydaysandsundays-c.blogspot...

In a nutshell, it was everything I'd hoped for and more. We had:

Chicken liver crostini - I loved this! Rich liver with capers mixed in, topped with bacon.

Mozza capreze - this was burrata with roasted cherry tomatoes and basil oil, and it was fantastic.

Cauliflower gratinate - cooked in cream and roasted, this appetizer was incredibly rich and decadent. The bartender joked it should be a dessert item, which I can understand because it was soooooooo creamy and luscious!

Proscuitto de Parma - thinly sliced and full of flavor.

goat cheese, leek and bacon pizza - our absolute favorite pizza, with tons of grilled leeks and really fresh goat cheese. This is what pizza should be!

Margherita with mozzarella, tomato and basil - good, but not great. Could have used more cheese.

Fennel sausage pizza - wonderful, though my coworker thought it had too much fennel seeds in the sausage.

Butterscotch pudding - One word: DREAMY.

Strawberry gelato pie - good, but not fantastic. It is what it is.

Baked cherries with vanilla ice cream - flavorful, but the execution could use some work. Cherries had stems and pits, and while I get the rustic approach it didn't make for easy eating.

All in all, however, I loved the food, atmosphere and the service could not have been better. We sat at the bar, and the bartender, Sean, was a delight to talk to and he had a very good knowledge of the wines they offered.

I will definitely be back!

Clare K.

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  1. Was there recently, and the goat cheese, leek, and bacon pizza was, to my taste, the least interesting dish we tasted. The fennel sausage pizza, chicken liver crostinis, and pickled beets were dishes I would order again. We were there on a Saturday, and the special entree du jour was a tender, absolutely wonderful lamb shank. All in all, I found the pizzas to be very oily, and enjoyed the appetizers, lamb shank, and desserts more.

    1. We had the fennel sausage and goat cheese,bacon and leek also. We felt the fennel sausage was kind of bland and greasy. We really liked the goat cheese,leek and bacon. We also had a great salad of fennel, proscuitto with date,anchovy dressing. Overal, I enjoyed this lunch better than the one I had at Spago few days later!

      1. We were there recently had the chicken liver crostini which everyone loved. The mozzerella capreze - yummy,
        Pizza -
        Sausage - great everything we hoped for
        Squash blossom pizza - I enjoyed the taste and presentation
        Funghi pizza - I might have been missing something but it was just a mushroom pizza to me
        We took an order of the Cambozola and potato pizza home - asked for it to be slightly under cooked and reheated in the oven - which was great
        Butterscotch pudding.. oh my gosh-fantastic

        All in all a great experience.. the only ummm question that came up were the napkins. I thought the presentation was fun and clever but the quality of napkin was sub-par. We all felt the same way and my napkin was sliced due to the knife -

        Anyone else share the same experience???