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May 23, 2007 09:42 AM

Ameci's Pizza & Pasta: Any good?

I see this place everywhere. Is the pizza any good? How about the cooked food like pasta or meatballs?

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  1. Pizza is okay. I still order it for the fam sometimes.

    I recently went to a shower that catered with Ameci's. I thought the other food (i.e, the pasta) could be better. At the same time, I think the rates are cheaper than most places, so if you want to go cheap, this could be an option.

    1. You know, I like it. It's not even a little bit exciting but I really like their pizza, the pasta is OK -- they have what my family calls "buried treasure spaghetti" -- if you order eggplant parm to go, it comes underneath the spaghetti. (And it's really quite good eggplant parm.)

      1. The one on Lincoln and Strand, in Santa Monica, is right down the street from my house. I'm not a fan. Everything I've tried is bland and blah -- even the pizza. I always regret eating there afterwards... not worth the calories.

        1. the calzones are 1/2 decent, but i wouldn't recommend them or go out of my way for it. there are much better options out there, but if it's close to home and convenient, it might be worth a trip for once in awhile.

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            This used to be staple in college along with healthy eats such as del taco, dorm food and Alberto's mexican. But my taste has changed since college. I will drop by here if i'm at the OC location though, for old time's sake. I used to get 2 cheese slices w/ tons of mushrooms piled on top. Made me happy. But to answer your question, it's ok.

          2. Darn tootin its good, I'm from Scotland and holiday every year in LA to see family, Ameci pizzas are the business, you certainly can't get a slice of pizza anywhere near that good in the UK thats for sure ;)