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May 23, 2007 09:24 AM

Not fancy, just GOOD food in Big Bear

Going to Big Bear on vacation in a few weeks and looking for some recommendations in Big Bear. I don't care about decor or ambiance, just the taste and quality of the food. Thanks!

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  1. there's a italian family restarunt in the Village, I don't remember the name though. it is at the corner near the end of that one main street. It shouldn't be hard to find, cuz that restaruant is always packed with people, even when all other restaurants are half empty. It is really good and very reasonable priced. The pasta are especially yummy. The last time we went up for a 3 day trip we at there 3 times.

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      Strangely enough one of the best meals we have had in the last few months was at Cafe Mambo on the main drag in Big Bear. It is owned by a local who I think imported a chef from the LA area, maybe? It's latin fusion food tht is very well exectued! Don't miss the sweet potato side. My family has been trying to duplicate this in our kitchen unsuccessfully since returning (if anyone has eaten there and has an idea, please post!). The combinations of tastes were wonderful. But go in the evening. We went back for lunch the next day and the chef wasn't there and neither was the magic!

    2. Really hard to find good food in big bear. Most of it is just lousy. Ther is a place famous for pot pies that is good for brekkers and pies, I forget the name. Otherwise, frankly, I am happiest at Sizzler. The sushi place sucks, the fancy places suck. Why can't they get good food?

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        Did you say pie??? Any other identifying info even if you can't remember the name? We'll have a kitchen in the condo we rented, but I was hoping for some hearty mountain food up there. Guess now I know to do some grocery shopping beforehand, huh?

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          AVOID STILWELL'S, it sucks!

          OK, tha places I could Stand in Big Bear.

          The Gold Pan :

          Grizzly Manor for pancakes:

          The Log Cabin:

          Big Bear Mountain Brewery - good beer
          (909) 866-2337
          40260 Big Bear Blvd.,
          Big Bear Lake

          The Pot Pie Place may have been Goldilock's

          Sizzler Salad bar :hit that most often.

      2. I had dinner at a place called Peppercorn Grille. It wasn't bad. It was certainly more appealing than the wacky fake roadhouse place up the road.

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          The red checkered italian place I believe is called Paolli's (PAY-ol-lees)

        2. Thanks guys! I'll try 'em out!

          1. okay, i live in big bear. so i think i may have some useful info.

            as far as Paoli's goes... i'd avoid it. i've heard some gross stuff from people who work there. if you're looking for decent italian, try Maggio's (in the Von's shopping center).

            for mexican food, pretty much anywhere is good. El Jacalito in the village is deeeeeelicious. there's a little hole-in-the-wall place in bear city that has huge, yummy burritos. i don't know the name of it but it's yellow. haha (sorry)

            the best western's restaurant is good, and their bar is great. i know the bartender personally and he's one of the best around. he also likes to sing karaoke... so as long as it's busy you're ok because he won't have time =P

            i agree with whoever said to go to the grizzly manor. it's the best breakfast on the mountain.

            for sandwiches or burgers, try kujo's or bear belly deli. they're both a little pricey (for a sandwich...) but you get what you pay for.

            hope you have fun, use your sunblock! and avoid the crazy locals ;)

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              I would be interested in yur final choice, as I am thinking about going there perhaps in the fall, let me know if you ever consider visiting GA, I can definately help you!