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May 23, 2007 09:20 AM

Crust on Division

Anyone eat there yet? I was walking by yesterday and it was packed. Looks like they have a lot of outdoor space, both in front and back. Any reviews on the pizza?

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  1. I also walked by on the 22nd. I stopped in, and they were serving complementary food and drinks at both lunch and dinner if you'd fill out a survey. We picked up a menu. One side has drinks - infused vodkas, nice sounding martinis, a few good microbrews and a few wines by the glass; the other has food: some salads, sandwiches, and flatbreads. Looks pretty tasty!

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      Yes, we tried to go last night, and apparently they are not officially open yet. Went to Coal Fire on Grand instead to satisfy the pizza craving, which was very good -- but, no outside seating, so I'm looking forward to trying Crust this summer.

    2. We went last night (had tried about a week ago but they were having a private opening party). They do salads, sandwiches and flatbreads.

      Now, when I think flatbread, I think thin, crispy cracker. Not the case. Their flatbread is like chewy, thick pita bread type flatbread. I had one with carmalized onions, bechamel, mozz, caraway seed and bacon. It was delish. My husband had a five cheese/herb. He thought his was great too. (I thought mine was better :-) ).
      We also had watermelon margarita's - they went down very nice on a hot summer night.
      The place looks completely different from when it was Settimana (was our fave brunch spot when we first moved over here). They really did an awesome job remodeling. The back patio is huge. They had closed it early because the weather was threatening rain though, so we sat inside.
      Service was very good too. For casual dining, it was a fun, upbeat and tasty experience.

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        My wife and I ate there last Saturday over the Memorial Day holiday. We arrived at 7:30 or so, and it was paaaacked. Sadly, it was raining; so outdoor seating was not an option (it may have also had something to do with the close quarters.) One of the first things I noticed was the heat. The space is sort of small, and obviously, a large wood-burning stove puts out quite a bit of heat- the space seems to have AC (it didn't seem to be on) It wasn’t unbearable, but this might be something to keep in mind for visits in the dog days of summer. The space is casual and modern and cleanly decorated, with almost no clutter. The interior space has several small tables packed closely together, and a small bar at one end. As has been mentioned there is lots of outdoor seating, both along Division, with a relaxing patio at the rear.

        On to the dining- We waited a long time for drinks, and the bartender seemed to be having some trouble mixing up the specialty drinks (or at least he was taking a long time doing so) They also were out of several of the beer selections on the Menu. My wife ordered a pomegranate mint julep, which was fruity and tasty, but a bit too much for my taste-
        I ordered the caprese, and my wife the Caesar- the veggies on both were extremely fresh. The mozz. was slightly sweet and full of flavor, the onions on top of the salad provided a nice contrast to the sweetness of the tomato and cheese.

        We both ordered a pizza- I ordered pizza marghretta, and my wife ordered one with blue cheese, arugula, tomato, and bacon. The crust of the pizza was extremely light and chewy. My pizza was simple and well prepared, and consistent from start to finish. My wife's choice was tasty as well-- the bacon was especially tasty, and it seemed that all the different flavors contrasted well w this pizza.

        We ended with a carrot cake, which was really fresh and light.
        The service (aside from the bar) was really great-- they really get the food out quick; we waited about 5 minutes for salads, and 15-20 for the pizza, which seemed like good timing.
        Overall this was a good experience, and we would return, although perhaps not on a rainy night :) I think in this day and age it is really admirable for a restaurant to strive for all organically produced ingredients, wines, etc. I think this place will attract a diverse crowd, (from hipsters to foodies to yuppies with kids) and will be a huge hit in this neighborhood.