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May 23, 2007 09:20 AM

KOKKARI or GARY DANKO to impress visitors?

I would appreciate advice on which one to take first time visitors to San Francisco to.....thank you! Would appreciate any other recommendation as well. We are staying at the Orchard Hotel on Union Square.

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  1. Kokkari is a little warmer and friendlier. Gary Danko is a bit showier and over-the-top. Both have great food though most people would seem to give Danko a slight edge in this regard

    Tell us more about your visitors and we'll be able to make a better recommendation for you.

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    1. re: grishnackh

      Gary Danko is much more expensive, much harder to get a reservation. Of the 2, I've only been to Kokkari and really like it a lot.

    2. It depends how much you want to impress them. A place like Boulevard might be enough. Rubicon is a little more intimate and of finer cuisine.

      Of course anybody would be impressed by Danko, that goes without saying. But at the same time Danko might be overkill for your purpose.

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      1. re: RonaldMcDonaldsFrenchLaundry

        I wasn't impressed by Danko. Where are your visitors coming from? You might want to select a restaurant based on something different from where they live. Danko is the type of restaurant that can be found in any large metro area. In the same class of restaurant I think The Dining Room at the Ritz is tops. Right in Union Square is Michael Minna.

        I think The Dining Room compares favorbly with The French Laundry in terms of food and service. I preferred it over FL.

        1. re: rworange

          I agree with rworange. I recently tried Danko for the first time, and wasn't all that impressed. Also, I think it's a great suggestion to pick something that's different from something they could find in their own town. Are you trying to impress them with the food or ambience or $$$$? I like Michael Mina and the Dining Room at the Ritz. I think both are better options than Kokkari, Danko and Boulevard.

      2. The food at Kokkari is great and it's a beautiful space, but they can be a bit patronizing if they take you for a tourist.

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        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          or even if they don't. My last visit I felt I was getting a bit of attitude at Kokkari and given we use a local non-hotel number for reservations etc. I can't think of any reason they would take me for a tourist (unless they assume everyone is a tourist till they are regulars).

          But then, I don't think Kokkari represents the best that SF has to offer. (Still haven't been to Danko). I've had better food and service and thus would much rather go to Boulevard, Perbacco or Myth...just to name three of many.

        2. i enjoy kokkari... i've never been to gary danko.. btu i haven't had the urge to go there as much... i would expect gary danko would be more expensive and harder to get in..... but that's my perception and i could probably be wrong...

          i like the small plates at kokkari and i enjoyed the lamb....very juicy.... i liek the environment too.. very "homey-chic"

          where are your visitors from? what kind of food do they like? are you going to be going to other places besides sf?

          1. I have been to both and if you want to impress your visitors go to Gary Danko. Kokkari is ok but far from what I call impressive. Gary Danko is more sophisticated.
            Neither are out of this world.

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            1. re: ngardet

              Could not agree more. Really, neither one is that amazing. I would take them to Myth or Boulevard.

              1. re: Maya

                Yep... Neither Danko or Kokkari would have made it in my top choices. But both of those should be great.