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May 23, 2007 09:13 AM

Memphis eats

We are considering a move to Memphis from Ohio. We'll be in Memphis this weekend to check out the city. I don't know how much time we'll have for fine dining, but would appreciate some recs for where to eat. I believe we are staying in the East Memphis area, and expect to spend most of our time around there/Midtown/Germantown. Will have an 8 month old in tow, so must be child-friendly (in terms of not minding bringing in a kid). I like everything; am particularly partial to Asian food. However, would also like to try some good bbq. Ah, whatever. I love it all! Thanks!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I think the food's best in Cooper-Young and Downtown, but am not sure how kid-friendly most of the finer dining places are. Maybe somewhere with a patio - like Beauty Shop or Do in Cooper Young? Bosco's in Overton Square isn't great dining, but it's good for all ages and has outside seating. As for bbq - Central Bbq on Central's good with a great patio.

      Asian's a good bet. I love Pho Saigon on Poplar in Midtown and they're great with kids. Lobster King on Cleveland is maybe the best Chinese in town. Bangkok Alley in G'town has good Thai and is a good bet.

      Good luck and have fun!

      1. Check out Folk's Folly. Great steak house and fine dining restaurant that's kid friendly..............

        1. For BBQ, try the BBQ Shop on Madison. Very kid friendly and my favorite ribs in town. Sandwiches are excellent too. Another popular option is Central BBQ on Central (NOT Summer). Great patio there if the whether is tolerable.

          Memphis has come a long way as far as Asian. Tsunami is excellent. I would go really early with an 8 month old and try to sit outside. Jasmine Thai is good (but nothing special) and has a small patio. I see many kids there. Sekisui Midtown is good sushi and has a patio (Sakura in Germantown is the best in Memphis in my opinion). I haven't been, but there's a new Asian place called Umai on Madison that gets rave reviews. The chef is taking some chances for Memphis (good to see).

          If you happen to be waaay out east (Germantown Parkway where it intersects the Wolf River) you have to try Tortugas Deli Mexicana. Unbelievable Mexican. Last night's dinner was a pork shoulder (carnitas) sandwich with a chipotle cream sauce and extra avocados. My wife had the snapper fish sandwich (her regular). We split the incredible Guac. I've eaten there 50 or so times and have never had a disappointing meal. They keep beating my expectations.

          Enjoy your stay and tell us how it turns out.