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May 23, 2007 08:54 AM

Hi All! New to Astoria, need assistance. :)

Hi All,

I have just relocated to New York from to Astoria, new to Chowhound even! :) Saw some great stuff here, and would like to know if anybody can give me more idea about the area. Things I wanna know would probably be Good Asian Grocery, I know there is a Family Market in Astoria...but not entirely sure where that is. Good Brunch Place, and nice Italian, Greek, or Drinks & Dessert Place in the area.

Please help and nice to meet you all!

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  1. The Family Market -- mostly for packaged Japanese stuff -- is on Broadway in the high 20s. Other than that, Astoria isn't an East Asian neighborhood. For Chinese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, etc. groceries (and eatin'), you should hop on a G/R/V to Elmhurst or a 7 to Flushing or Woodside, depending on what you want. For South Asian markets, the 74th St. stop in Jackson Heights is your friend. All are grueling 3-8 minute rides from the Steinway stop.

    Astoria's pretty big, thanks to real estate brokers who are ever expanding its boundaries to encompass anything residential north of Northern Blvd. and west of the BQE. You may want to mention what your closest subway stop(s) are. Folks around Broadway and Steinway seldom get anywhere near Ditmars and 31st and vice-versa.

    As fotr the other things you're looking for, ordinarily you'd get flamed all the way back to DC snce there are about 765875346532 posts on those things, but you're lucky because search on this site is, as it has been since the dawn of time, broken and you can't sort results by date. So maybe some folks will take pity on you and rehash those perennials yet again, time permitting :)

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      Thanks a lot for the info!

      My closest station will be 30 Ave...haven't figured out the bus route and other things yet, so still pretty much stick to the Subway.

      I've been reading the old posts, and yea, it's not easy to sort/find...but good enough... I hate to ask question again and again too... :)

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        We went to Piccola Venezia on Sunday. (28th Ave/42nd Street)
        I had a grilled octopus appetizer that was delicious.
        Then, 3 nice sized/juicy as can be soft shell crabs sauteed in garlic and butter that were sublime!!
        Le Incontro on 31st @ Ditmars is also an excellent Italian place. They have grilled Portugese baby octopus that is in a class by itself. Good risotto dishes and brick oven pizzas.

    2. I would also recommend Il Bambino which is on 31st Ave and 34th Street. It's really cute with friendly and helpful staff and delicious food. There are a lot of antipasti and tapas as well as some beautiful panini. Oh and it's probably too warm outside now, but I've heard great things about their peanut butter hot chocolate and maple steamed milk!